Limbo Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Are you tired of seeing your little shadowy self get repeatedly skewered, sliced, and smashed into a grayscale sandwich spread? Limbo is a beautifully dark platform puzzler with a very unique style, and GamesRadar has a guide to help you breeze through the game and find all nine collectable achievements along the way.

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3036d ago
sak5003036d ago

Finished the game 2 days ago with youtube guide. Still need 2 more chevos though.

kasasensei3036d ago

Who need a guide to complete a 4 hours game? Seriously?

logikil3035d ago

There were two puzzles near the end of the game that were a bit of a pain, but for me, a guide was useful in finding the blobs that give you the achievements. At this point I still need to complete the game in one sitting with less than 5 deaths to have all 12 achievements.

ambientFLIER3035d ago

"Who need a guide to complete a 4 hours game? Seriously?"

The people that can't find all the achievements or secrets? Is that a simple enough answer for you?

Sean Ryno3035d ago

I disagree for walkthroughs on games like this. It's a PUZZLE game. The sense of accomplishment in figuring out the puzzles far surpasses a quick run-through just to get the achievables and finishing the game. My friend Forrest (x Sgt Baker x) and I (Sean Ryno) have been playing the game for hours trying to find the 7, 8, and so on secret eggs. He's like 10th on the leaderboards. This game is deep and it really brings you into the world. But honestly, running through it and cheating just spoils the fun. You are doing yourself a dis-service by cheating and looking up the walkthroughs.