Classic SOCOM Maps That Need To Return

Over the course of SOCOM’s history, there have been a lot of great things that made SOCOM stand out from the competition, but the thing I loved most about SOCOM had to be the multiplayer maps. SOCOM games developed by Zipper have always had a wide variety of settings and game modes to play, which made them feel fresh long after release. Most importantly, Zipper was never afraid to use asymmetrical map design, making teamwork essential to success. This well thought out approach to design has convinced me that Zipper has the best map design in the gaming industry, as quality asymmetrical maps outside of SOCOM are few and far between.

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Coramoor_4693d ago

I don't agree wit the theory that maps need to return but these are good choices

JDouglasGU4693d ago

always nice to revisit the classics

ELite_Ghost4693d ago

I agree with you partially coramoor, they should return but as a Free DLC and not 15$ DLC (MW2 )

Trroy4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

Classic maps would make for good DLC, IMO. I'd rather get fresh maps in the game, and if I want to revisit classic maps (they can't be *exactly* the same, because the game isn't), it should be optional.

HolyOrangeCows4693d ago

I think they should always at least have some of the best of the best of the previous games, but yes, they should focus on making awesome new ones.

BattleAxe4693d ago

This is what Slant 6 should have done instead of trying to come up with their own maps.

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Hardedge4693d ago

Yeah that sense of nostalgia is always nice.

dkgshiz4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

Zipper usually doesn't drop the ball with anything. Slant 6 however didn't even have a ball to begin with. Hell! They weren't even in the basketball court!

Graphics4693d ago

only map I agree with is the ruins.. In S2 I liked Crossroads, fishhook, frostfire, nightstalker, sandstorm, blizzard, requime?, the ruins, hmm i actaully liked all except maybe like 5 maps.. they all need to be in S4 man, or just give us S2 classics.. the only game i played online as long as socom2 was rainbow six vegas1, all these other shooters are garbage with these perks and unbalanced BS.

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