Top 10 Reasons Why Kinect is Worth $149.99

From the feature article:

"Since Microsoft finally got around to pricing Kinect, I felt it was time to take a moment, step back and really absorb what the hell exactly we were looking at as an overall package to assess really whether or not it is worth $100 bucks. Why do I say $100? Simple. By including Kinect Adventures in the bundle for people who already own an Xbox and titles for the motion detecting camera retailing on Amazon for roughly $50 dollars, why wouldn’t I think that? Besides, for the underlying offering, this seems to be how much those games should cost as a proper price point. But are the games the only reason why? Hell no they’re not. While I do plan on picking up a PlayStation 3 bundle when Move releases in September so I can stop hijacking my brother’s console, I’m very interested to see both the Sony and Microsoft approach to motion controls for myself.

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PepperJack3010d ago

to me kinect isn't worth a penny

UltimaEnder3010d ago

Quality pic, took many hours of searching to find it but well worth the payoff, am I wrong?

3010d ago
GWAVE3010d ago

It's not worth it to me. It's not being aimed at me (a gamer). Even journalists and 360 supporters will admit this fact.

rroded3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

but 150 lol i mean not get a wii for bout the same price as this add on with way more games n the casuals already love it...

n every 360 fangirl site hasta defend this with made up lists n pretend facts...

sigh ms is jus starting ta ramp this up expect kinect ta b in the news papers n cnet soon...

darthv723009d ago

i can admit that it is not being aimed at gwave. that's a fact.

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qface643010d ago

personally with that 150 id rather get a NEW DS and a game

SIX3010d ago

If you have to write an article telling people it's worth it. Chances are, it's probably not.

ShadowCK3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

They have to write an article so they can get into your stupid mind that the price is justified. I'm betting you didn't even bother reading the damn article due to being an insecure fanboy.

OSU_Gamer3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Do you also want to talk about how many "IS it worth it?" articles appeared for the PS3 slim and PS+. Those don't mean anything though. Only for consoles you hate right???

I think Kinect sucks but stop being a hypocrite.

@ any future disagree, I'd like to know why you disagree.

Spydiggity3010d ago

Six, that's just an incredibly stupid thing to say.

how many articles have we seen saying the exact same thing about 360, ps3, wii, pc, peripherals, games, etc...

seriously...i know the ps3 trolls are out in full force trying to say kinect is terrible and move is amazing, but come on. anyone with a shred of intelligence can see through these shallow words.

and here's the thing. it's not even that i disagree that kinect is lame (cuz i think true hardcore gamers couldn't care less about motion controls). it's just the hypocrisy in the fanboys' attitudes. you'll troll, up and down n4g, anything that has nothing to do with something you currently or intend to support. it's childish behavior, and it really needs to stop within the community. i know there are plenty of little kids too, but that doesn't mean the adults need to act like children.

LaurenKB1233010d ago

This is such a childish statement it's hard to even respond, just because your a fanboy doesn't make you right......get with the times, all of this is great hardware innovation and PlanetXbox360 just wanted to remind the 360 owners out there not to believe ALL the BS put up on N4G from fanboy sites that you undoubtedly love to visit and support.

Next time try reading the article and then coming with an actual argument, not just trash from the mouth of a child....

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UltimaEnder3010d ago

WOW - this guy must seriously hate Microsoft, not willing to pay ONE PENNY for a Kinect unit; I'll happily pay retail prices for the best Sony can offer (they are even almost convincing me to get a 3D television) - either way you are 100% wrong and a massive Sony fanboy at best.....good look missing out on so many great virtual experiences because of your consolism.....

jerethdagryphon3010d ago

when 3dtv hits about 400£ for 30inch ill buy tell then im good

i miss my ps3 :(

HolyOrangeCows3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

1) Because this is PlanetXbox360, one of the most worthless, sensationalist fanboy sites on N4G.

His number 1 and 2 reasons are Skittles and Milo.
This MIGHT be a joke article, but it's more likely that they're grasping for straws.

You guys take pot shots at the other consoles in half of your articles and make articles like this:
5) You use lack of BC as an reason not to get the Ps3, but have you tried using the 360's BC on anything other than the Halo games? Half of them run horribly.
4) You make goofy points and then cry about Uncharted 2.
3) You complain about the cheaper Ps3s having less features than the more expensive older ones, and about Linux being gone. Most of the Ps3's hardware is inactive during Other Oses being ran, so it's not like it ran PC games, and a cheap netbook would probably run it better since the OS's are actually made to run with such hardware.
2) Hardly a good complaint.
1) Same could be said about all of the companies.

UltimaEnder3010d ago

What does this mean? PS3 heavy sites post on here ALL the time and are praised with their "best of" lists or "top 10" articles - why can't we say why we think a product exclusive to the Xbox 360 (which happens to be the only console we cover) is good, and worth the cost - once the sales numbers come out I'm going to feel sorry for you and your horrible arguments.....grow up maybe?

Also if you could point to ONE just ONE article from the last three years of writing that shows we are biased in any way or are a "worthless, sensationalist fanboy site on N4G" I will gladly apologize and trust everything you say going forward. ALSO go look at the top 40 stories from N4G this week and tell me of those sites how many have been around for 5 years, do it as their full time job, attend 50 or so media events and expos a year (for free) - please help me out here as I always thought we were one of the best Xbox 360-only websites on the net; although I am sure to a fanboy such as yourself you can't see past the redness in your eyes every-time you hear something about your rival sad!

DigitalRaptor3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Agreed. About that article - it's clear that people in favour of the 360, care more about the operating system i.e. Xbox Live etc. than the games. That is clearly more important to them. Where are your arguments about the games, PlanetXbox360? Oh right, because it's not about the games! but wait... -.-

PS3 will never need any sort of XBL equivalent because it has exceptional, generation-defining games which excel in multiple genres. Games that will be remembered by true gamers.

jack_burt0n3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

very funny article, lol milo and skittles are no 1 and 2 very funny stuff.

ummm it seems someone missed the /S at the end of the title that is not a serious article.

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LaurenKB1233010d ago

I will be getting one either way, it just looks like something fun to do and $150 isn't really that much when it only adds more to the console, not the point of it being around (Wii) or by the time you add all the Sony stuff up it's so close without a game......either way I'm happy with Microsoft's strategy.....can't wait for those reviews to start going online in a few months!

moparful993009d ago

Wrong you can get a move bundle for $99.99 that comes with a move controller, ps eye, and a game.. You dont have to have a navi controller as the ds3 works in conjuction with the move setup.. Don't even try to use the "You have to buy multiple contollers" argument as u know its reaching... When has buying multiple controllers ever been an issue before now? It hasnt you and the myriad of other 360 devotee's use this as leverage against the ps3 and move but its weak, you know it.. For move the point of entry is far less then kinect, I've been hearing for years that the fact that you have to buy multiple overpriced accesories in order to be comparable to the ps3 was "Options" now that sony is providing options you jump all over it.. You have already called out fanboyism on this site but you yourself are exhibiting all the characteristics of one..

Playerz83010d ago

This just in: 10 reasons why Kinect will probably suck!!!

kneon3010d ago

When I started reading it I thought he was being sarcastic, I didn't realize until the second page that it was a 360 site and he was serious. Surely someone else can come up with 10 good reasons.

Agent-863010d ago

I have to agree. The article writer came up with 10 of the lamest reasons to buy a Kinect. It actually made me laugh.

teh_snuggler3010d ago

Child of Eden and Dance Central. Represent.

Redempteur3010d ago

child of eden is on ps3 ...and dance central is a cool concept that must bear fruits ( it hasn't ) and thsi is coming from a harmonix fan who EVEN loved rock band un plugged

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