SDCC 2010: Blizzard – World of Warcraft Movie “Still Happening”

GCO: "Beside it slow development progress, vice president of creative development, Chris Metzen said that the progress on the World of Warcraft movie has slowed, but it’s still happening."

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NAGNEWS3103d ago

i want a StarCraft movie please :)

Ziriux3103d ago

Yea that's what I'm saying, screw WoW.

Ziriux3103d ago

Nooooooo I was hoping it would die.

chak_3102d ago

I'm really curious about it :)

Despite being spitted on it in every thread, wow remains one of the most played game. And I played it a lot, so yeah, I want to see what they can come up with in a movie

Darkfiber3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I don't think nearly as many people play anymore as you think. They still say 11 million players in every ad, and that started like over 2 years ago. I doubt they more than 1/3 of that right now, especially since no one in China plays anymore. That was the biggest hit they took, and they lost like at least 5 million subscribers there. WoW is nothing when you compare it to Korean MMOs with 50 to 200 million players. Sure, it might still be kinda popular in North America, but most Americans don't realize there are other countries outside of their own, and one country doesn't represent the entire world.

Darkfiber3102d ago

Um, why? It should have come out 2-3 years ago if they wanted to hit it at the height of its popularity. Nobody plays WoW anymore, and even fewer will play it when the movie actually does come out.