Microsoft will cut Xbox 360 price (Not till next year, however)

Whispers from the shadows tell Fudzilla that Microsoft is in much better shape than many might have realized, and that will translate into a price cut that is expected to come next year. Due to cost improvements, Microsoft is apparently making more money on the Xbox 360 slim than it has made in a long time.

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dizzleK3012d ago

i think $300 is fair for current gen consoles, something you'll get years of enjoyment out of. people think nothing of dropping more than that on a new phone each year.

ingiomar3012d ago

uhmm.. i tought MS never lost money any money on the 360..

Garnett3012d ago

Who told you MS never lost money on the 360? MS lost LOTS of money on the 360, they are just now (like Sony) starting to make money on the current consoles.

ipe3011d ago

here, at vgchart forums, gt forums...... favorite 360 fans quote

"MS is making money on 360 unlike a**bit** sony with ps3 and ey can make price cut any time ey want"

Imperator3012d ago

MS has lost BILLIONS just on RROD. 360 fanboys try to say Sony is the only one loosing money, but I think the MS has lost just as much, if not more than Sony.

iceman29293012d ago

MSFT has not lost as much as you think.

When the scandal first hit they shifted a billion dollars to an irregular expense account so they took that hit on the front end. The xbox has been profitable for awhile now. (Thanks in large part to Xbox live subs and sales)

dcbronco3011d ago

Microsoft has been making a profit on each console sold for over a year now. They have made die shrinks and combined chips and redone deals every year. And the 250gb hard drive is cheaper than the original 20gig with today's HD prices. I noticed on the press release for the financials the other day that they spent 500 million for R % D in the Devices division last year. I know they're working on some technology and Kinect(which should have been split with other divisions since it will be used for other things) was a part of that, but half a billion is a lot for a division. More like new console type money.

But MS is making more than enough to drop the price $50 today and still make a small profit. And that's after packaging and advertising. They just want to make a good profit for a while and make a little profit off of Kinect to gear up for a new console next year. Plus we know they made a billion on Live. And digital money makes a bigger profit since there is no packaging, transportation or heavy advertising involved. Live has to be 50% profit.

Jockamo3012d ago

...they can sell it for however much they please and still make a killing

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The story is too old to be commented.