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Alan Wake is about to receive its first DLC chapter title, 'The Signal', on July 27th. If you purchased the game new, then you be able to download this chapter for free by using the voucher code you'll find inside your retail box. If you bought the game used or misplaced the voucher, you'll be able to purchase the chapter for 560 MS Points ($7) and continue your adventure through the darkness with Alan Wake.

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CrAppleton3194d ago

I still need to go through Alan Wake, Looks great

Neco5123194d ago

One of the best stories in a game that I've played in a long time

DaRockSays3194d ago

great story, looking forward to grabbing this dlc

MxShade3194d ago

Me too. I'm a sucker for a good story. And thrillers/horror.

chrisgay3194d ago

Completed it yesterday- amazing game- I found it really scary, and it does it without resorting to cheap controls mechanics. It definitely deserves more sales and had I known about this free DLC for new buyers, I wouldn't have rented it. May nab a copy now; more sales means they're more likely to create a sequel/more DLC.

CrAppleton3194d ago

Surprised to see DLC already

DaRockSays3194d ago

It's great! I wish more devs would release stuff like this at this speed after release

peeps3194d ago

well it's because the ending to Alan Wake is a massive cliff hanger

jetlian3194d ago

surprised? RDR got some already. some games have them day one

Neco5123194d ago

Crazy that this is out already, didn't the game JUST come out?

coolbeans3194d ago

But Remedy stated that they were working on this DLC around the time Alan Wake was released and started planning on The Writer.

N4PS3G3194d ago

Games owners get this one for free. Seems like a good gift if it's actually good like reviews say.

Anon19743194d ago

But I'm very much looking forward to playing through Alan Wake once the price comes down (it's still $70 up here in Canada)

On a side note, what kind of guy starts a conversation with someone in the forums, then blocks that user from responding?

Your sales numbers you provided me were laughably incorrect. Let me guess...VGchartz?

There was a link right at the bottom of the article in question to the official numbers from each company. If you want to argue with me in the future, how about you try real numbers.

jetlian3194d ago

can't import from like amazon? 45 for reg and 68 for limited

Acquiescence3194d ago

that DLC gets such unanimous positive reception like The Signal seems to be getting from the critics. I loved Alan Wake and I've got my code ready and at the waiting inside my Collector's Box. That turned out to be a wise investment, considering I get free DLC that's currently raking in 9's everywhere. Good times.

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The story is too old to be commented.