First RAGE hands-on preview gets quad-cover

Bethblog writes: The first hands-on preview of RAGE is coming in the next issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, complete with ten pages of in-depth coverage. To mark the occasion, four different covers have been pressed for publication, each featuring a different enemy from the game’s unfriendly wasteland.

Grab a quick look at each of the covers in the gallery below, and be on the look-out for the September issue of PTOM, coming soon to a newsstand near you.

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Convas3036d ago

Holy Hell! The Official Playstation Magazine called Rage "The Best-Looking PS3 Shooter' ... Can this be when they've got hands-on with Killzone 3 IN THE SAME MAGAZINE?!?!?!

Heresy? LOL. I wait anxiously for Fanboys to respond.

panasonic233036d ago

Doom 4 is going to be the best looking shooter this gen.

3035d ago

hy would IGN go with KZ3 when Rage won IGN's...whatever award that was, that I'm sure KZ3 was in the same category with...? Your comment is suspect...

3035d ago
zootang3035d ago

This is going to be another Alan Wake, I can't wait till the game releases. That is when it will all go quiet.

vsr3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Rage PS3(1BD) > xbox(2-3 DVD).
John Carmack is a genius. He is one of the good 3rd party developers that gives the output as per the platform. ( No more excuses like this - SAME on all platforms)

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Poseidon3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I did not see where they said it was ps3's best looking shooter, and i highly doubt it.


t says it on the front cover least the first picture.

candystop3035d ago

It's most definitely the best looking shooter on PS3 hands down. You guys need to seriously quit with the KZ3 in in the same league crap.

dustgavin3035d ago

Did you come from the future where you played both complete versions?

raztad3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Well actually if Playstation:TOM had said KZ3 was the best looking shooter in the article featuring RAGE in the front cover it wouldnt be that good for the publication and some would be saying P:TOM is biased towards Sony.

Besides everybody knows RAGE is a looker. It has very beautiful textures and intense colors making it pleasing to the eyes. Just there is not much going on for it. I can see why RAGE at first sight is impressive but even Crysis 2 beats it in my books.

Quite interested to see how the game performs on PS3. Hope we can get the scan of this issue.

Active Reload3035d ago

Yeah, I'll probably subscribe to it after this issue. Its only $18/year. I'll wait for the scans, I'm not in the mood to pay $5 for the newsstand price.

Aphe3035d ago

There are 3 things that Raztad uses in any comment he makes about Rage. 1 - It doesn't have destructible environments. 2 - . No dynamic environments and 3 - He hasn't seen it on ps3 yet. He will always downplay it because it goes against his ps3 exclusive love, KZ.

I've never seen a comment when Raz doesn't downplay Rage, not one.

I personally think it's shaping up to be a great shooter and has the production skills of some of the finest FPS makers in the industry who always make sure their games are polished to a fine degree.

Doom 3 wasn't to everyones liking, but I loved it. I have no doubt I will love Rage, everything I've seen so far looks great.

raztad3035d ago


Well, I'm just stating my impressions. Sorry if they are not of your liking. Dont forget the part where I mention positive stuff btw.

Just for the records I loved and beat Doom 3, but I can tell you it was an old-fashioned corridor shooter, horror. That old-school gameplay doesnt hold any more. HL2 was a game-changer, so much that the doom age ended suddenly.

Actually Crysis 2 looks more modern, impressive than RAGE, both in gameplay and the capabilities of the engine. If I had to pick one of those I'd go with Crysis.

Aphe3035d ago

It's just always the same thing with your replies though Raz, doesn't have this, doesn't have that, haven't seen it on ps3.

What does it matter wether you've seen it on ps3 or not, there's plenty of time for that because it's not out until next year. Everything I've seen so far points to it looking great. And I seem to remember you saying Crysis 2 not looking too good when compared to KZ3, things like that tend to stick in my head.

Seems you're using games against over games when it suits you.

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DelbertGrady3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

The Official Playstation Magazine are paid by M$. That must be it since it's completely impossible for a multiplat to outshine an exclusive.

insomnium3035d ago

Well actually this time you are correct. Never been done and never will be done. Don't know about who paid who though.

jony_dols3035d ago

On every console whether it be xbox,playstation or Wii, the majority of the top 10 games on the console, are exclusives.

dragonelite3035d ago

So you dont know carmack he is like a coder legend in the gaming dev world.
ID tech,Cryteck and unreal are all tech orientated teams that make engines to license so im pretty sure they can push consoles to their edge.

And dont forget this game is 60 fps too twice that of most exclusives i know.

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Game-ur3036d ago

It's not like Sony are hiding hardware secrets, developers can achieve this quality if they take the time and effort on the PS3 and developed their own engine, the result for Id is one of the best looking consol games, 1 disk, 60fps with better textures than the 360 version.

panasonic233036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

lol you actually believe the ps3 version going to look better ahahahahahah just like Mafia II the xbox 360 version is going to be superior.

DigitalRaptor3036d ago

Are you joking? Another clueless Xbox 360 fanboy on N4G.

Game-ur3035d ago

Hay slowdown with the fan boy stuff, what I said was quoted from Carmack himself, he didn’t do a lazy port on the PS3 or gimp the 360 version, the deference between the 2 is from the hardware limitation.

And the best version overall is on the PC by the way. Happy now

nickjkl3035d ago

dont trust carmack

he also said the ps3 and 360 is even in power at the beggining of this generation

and that the 360 has a slight advantage with it being easier to develop for

tyrex3035d ago

isn't the extra content on the ps3 version?

Roonie3035d ago

According to? 360 fanboys?

3035d ago
SOAD3035d ago

Carmack always said, from the very beginning, that the PS3 was theoretically more powerful. He said that architecture-wise, the two MIGHT have similar output because of bottleneck issues. He has never ever said that they were equal in power.

Aphe3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

'dont trust carmack '

Lol, don't trust John Carmack because someone on the internet told me not to. Haha, the guy's made some of the best game engines for the last 20 years and is a genius but we should trust your word instead?


Spenok3033d ago

You do realize that John Carmack himself said the PS3 version would be better right? Mainly because of size limitations of DVD9.

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panasonic233036d ago

PlayStation: The Official Magazine is offical on M$ paid roll

Poseidon3036d ago

well your on microsofts patty whacker judging by your comments. :)

bjornbear3035d ago

Rage is the cover game.

they couldn't have said otherwise.

labwarrior3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Since noone would buy the usual far inferior PS3 version on consoles otherwise

BTW, Rage even gimped on PS3 looks a million times better and bigger than Killzone 3

RDR and Bayonetta are also other disatsers on PS3, Rage is the next one

I did not expect anything more form so dated hardware

thereapersson3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

So stupid troll SPAM like the tripe you've been spewing in articles as of late would be automatically stifled and hidden from the view of the general public.

HDgamer3035d ago

Didn't know a ps3 that has more graphical and fun factor exclusives than the 360 was inferior. Man I really must be behind times where the 360 is leading in innovative gameplay and graphics instead of being behind in 2010.

Maldread3035d ago

Funny you call the PS3`s hardware dated, when it was out a year after the 360. I`m guessing you havn`t played K2, U2 or GOW3 either. Even K2 is better looking than Rage if you ask me.

And yeah, RDR and Bayonetta is better on 360, but that`s because they had 360 as lead development platform. If you look at multiplayer games which is developed for PS3 as lead like Burnout, they are better.

As for Rage and Crysis 2, the developers are claiming their`re developing both the versions simultaniously, so we`ll see which version come`s on top. Considering both developers are PC primaly, maybe the 360 versions will be better because the 360 is more like a PC then a PS3.

But we shall see. I just hope both versions turn out good and make them to each consoles strength.

Roonie3035d ago

PS3 hardware dated?

that's why crytek is saying PS3 version of crysis 2 runs better? or how ID software says Rage for PS3 will look better?

How about jaw dropping exclusives like

*Uncharted 1-2

which looks better than any 360 games?

3035d ago
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Jake3603035d ago

just looks like a more realistic Borderlands to me. Not that that is a bad thing.

Maldread3035d ago

That`s true, but with Rage not having as many RPG elements.

It would be really cool if Bethesda could use a modified Rage engine for Fallout 4. I doubt it will happen, but a man can dream ehh ;)

Jake3603035d ago

I'm expecting a graphical jump for Fallout 4. I'd be disapointed if there isn't but the thing is the gameplay is so good and involved that it can afford to have average graphics.

OpenGL3035d ago

Actually Maldread, that's fairly likely as id normally licenses their engines and will probably share technology with Bethesda for other games.

Maldread3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Yeah i agree with that. F3 didn`t have the best graphics (especially the PS3 version that i played) and had a lot of technical issues all over, but the gameplay was great fun for me. They should make it a bit more difficult when you`re in the later levels though.

Also hoping they can improve on the voice work and the generally stiff animation. A better main quest would be great too :)

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