Skyward Sword Most Disappointing E3 Title, Yet it is Still The Most Anticipated Game?

Zelda Informer - Skyward Sword seems to be getting "mixed" feelings these days, but lately the reports about the game seem to be contradicting each other. First up, we have this from Platform Nation:

When cell-shaded adult Link walked on the E3 stage last month, a barrage of sighs followed him out. Everyone (including myself) had such high expectations for the next Zelda and what was shown just didn't justify it. Link may look slightly different, but the game defiantly did not. It was incredibly under-whelming...

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TheLeprachaun3009d ago

Yes, because its Zelda. Enough said.

turok3008d ago

.... the demo demonstration by miyamoto was terrible. not the game itself.

ChickeyCantor3008d ago

The levels and such wont even be in the final game...We have no clue what will happen to it.

hatchimatchi3007d ago

I hope so. There's only a few things in life that take me back to being a kid again and playing new console Zelda's is one of them. I always look forward to their releases, but this time the game looks extremely underwhelming.

pcz3007d ago

people are blinded by their fan boy loyalty. the truth is, the game looks absolutely b0ll0cks. i know it, you know it, we all know it, but most are too proud to admit it.

The game is nothing liked we dreamt, its not what we expected or wanted. it looks shlt.

if you deny it, i know for a fact you are blinded by your love for zelda. i love zelda, but not to the point where i cant see that this looks like a totally shlt game.

hatchimatchi3007d ago

it sucks but I have to agree.

I know that I personally was not expecting the new Zelda to look how it currently is.

I didn't expect ultra realistic graphics, voice acting, dark gritty atmosphere, etc. But to see the game looking like a complete step back from any console zelda ever released was a huge disappointment.

It wasn't miyamoto's flub of a demo that disappointed me but it was the fact that the game just looks flatout stupid. I'm a HUGE zelda fan, always have been and I know I'll be buying Skyward Sword day 1 but this is the first time where I haven't been drooling in anticipation. I really hope lots of things are changed before the game hits retail shelves.

ChickeyCantor3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I think the problem is that the likes of you just over hyped yourself( of course the media is to blame partially as well).

I didn't like the level design, but i did like the cellshading, enemies defense mechanism and the likes.

Never has a zelda game disappointed me to a point where i think it was sh/t.
I dont think SS will be sh/t, in fact im more interested in this than when i saw the TP trailer. Going by the information given we hardly know much about the game other than how it will play.

Same was said about windwaker, i mean the visuals, and honestly that game is my fav 3D zelda game to date.

Titanz3007d ago

Wind Waker was a game everyone first detested when it was first showcased, now SS is getting the same treatment...

This game will deliver! I feel sorry for those people who think otherwise.

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