Impulse and GamersGate don’t agree with NPD digital sales results

VG247 writes: Two of digital distribution’s heavy hitters have weighed-in on NPD’s recent research into download services, and apparently do not agree with the firm’s conclusions.Speaking with BigDownload, neither service agreed digital titles are catching up with retail, and Impulse especially believed it should have been listed as one of the top five distributors.“NPD’s numbers on digital don’t tend to have much reflection on reality,” said Impulse head, Brad Wardell. “As much as I would love digital distribution to take over the world, I can’t think of a single publisher (including ourselves) that sells even close to a majority of its units digitally.“I am a big believer in the future of digital distribution but the numbers we typically hear from publishers is that it’s about a third (which is pretty darn good btw).”

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