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iMad3192d ago

for a multiplayers mode. SP will look even better
great ligthing and enviroments.
can't wait.

darthv723192d ago

the lighting is so much more.....

the words escape me.

GWAVE3192d ago

It honestly looks sweet (not trolling).

But I want the media to be honest and let us know if the online servers will be rubbish like they were with Gears of War 2. Journalists were certainly willing to call out SOCOM's crappy servers, so we all know they are capable of reporting the truth...

Seijoru3192d ago

People can't handle the truth I guess, thats why you get lame disagrees.

ECM0NEY3192d ago

bubs GWAVE

I play gears 2 almost every day and i still agree. Although with TU6 it has gotten much better, not good but better. I really hope dedicated servers is for real.

WildArmed3192d ago

I cant wait too!
But it's definitely not for the competitive spirit (though I can see why some people would love Gears 3 competitive MP)
I'm more eager to see what they did to 1up the amazing Horde mode that we all love so much!
I still play it like crazy :D
I can't wait to get more content for horde (and of course the amazing co-op in SP)
The highlight of gears (for me) has always been the mind blowing co-op!
I can't wait to try the next installation.
There are few games that give me this much joy when I play co-op!

TROLL EATER3192d ago

HALO REACH + GEARS 3= total overload of aweseomeness

talltony3192d ago

Halo reach and this is what I want for my 360.

otherZinc3192d ago

That was Great! With the Halo:Reach Video, this should let people know M$ isn't going all Soft Core Casual.

thewhoopimen3192d ago

Nice lighting. Definite improvement in multiplayer lighting that you can tell. It's looking pretty polished but still some work needs to be done. For example at 1:35 we still see characters clipping into walls...

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SOAD3192d ago

Movement seems a little clunky compared to UC2 MP. Still a fun-looking game, but I'll have to get used to it.

Double Toasted3192d ago

Meh, the guy whose playing it is garbage. Anyway, Gears, if you've never played the game, isn't noob friendly at all. So, I don't know what you're going to do buddy lol.

Kingdom Come3192d ago

Choose the Noob to play the game, when I saw the shotgun I was like "Yes, Give me some ownage!" only to see him downed several times...

iHEARTboobs3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

GEARS isn't hard to play at all. I didn't play a lot of online but I always did pretty good. Played mostly Horde too though.

Edit: I also think his movements are meant to be clunky. That's how the Berserker is.


Horde and deathmatch are two different animals my friend. As Double was saying, or he didn't mention, dearhmatch type games aren't noob friendly at all. You have yo stick with it to better.

iHEARTboobs3192d ago

Yeah, i know that. I did play Deathmatch. But it's not anymore difficult than ordinary. Well, in my opinion. The controls are not hard. The gameplay isn't too fast nor are the maps too big and complicated. All i'm trying to say is that the game is noob friendly, but that doesn't mean you'll be good right off the bat.

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Fishy Fingers3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Well there's still quite a bit of time to get it all buttoned up, this probably isnt even the most recent build, stuff like the beat down animations, only one in the video, but there's bound to be more in the complete game. I think it looks great, same old Gears but in a good way. Environments look much nicer, as does the lighting.

Berserker gameplay looks pretty plain though, run there, smash that. But again, I'm sure there will be more to it than we're seeing here.

socomnick3192d ago

Ment to be clunky you are playing as the berserker a blind, clumsy locust. Remember how she would blindly rush at you and hit a wall in gears 1.

She relies on sound hence the blurry screen in the footage.

mumarkz3192d ago

Clunky was the first word I thought.

bjornbear3191d ago

don't bring up UC2 in here, you will get decimated...

+ makes sense, they are big muscle heads, they probably can hardly reach to wipe their ass (no offence but just look at their proportions)

anyway, it does look great since its a clear improvement over the 2nd (only played 1st but 2nd looked better)

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Convas3192d ago

WHOA!! Beserkers are freaking HUGE!

Can't wait to play this game!

Kingdom Come3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

So I think you all know exactly what I'm gonna say...

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