SDCC 2010: Capcom Panel

GrE writes, "Capcom held a panel at San-Diego Comic-Con 2010, showing off some trailers for their upcoming projects with comments by some of the producers of the games, and moderated by Amy Poehler’s doppelgänger.

First, they showed off a trailer for Dead Rising 2, showing off the game’s new Las Vegas pastiche Fortune City setting, and showing off some of the new weapons you can wield, like a wearable moose helmet that lets you attack enemies with its horn. You can also drink alcohol and throw up while fighting zombies, which is pretty much the quintessential Vegas experience. The game will be available September 28th on 360 and PS3..."

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Davedough3197d ago

Capcom came big into ComicCon this year. Good to see them pushing lots of titles.

CrAppleton3197d ago

Yeah they did! I'm surprised to see such a strong showing of video games at comic con this year

bgrundman3197d ago

Comics and games seem to be converging markets.

Neco5123197d ago

I've noticed too. You usually don't hear much about games from CC

CrAppleton3197d ago

sweet! I can't wait for DR2!

Spenok3196d ago

This and Marvel VS Capcom 3 now that Amaterasu (Okami) is in it.

Neco5123197d ago

They've really hyped up Dead Rising 2, I hope it lives up to it

starven3197d ago

DR2 will be a rent first for me. The first one was okay, not something i played the hell out of.

3197d ago
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