5 Franchises That the Wii Could Use

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When you think of Wii, one of the first thoughts that should pop into your head is Nintendo. And when you think of Nintendo? You immediately reflect on the amounts of franchises that the company has brought – Mario, Pokemon, Star Fox, F-Zero, Super Smash Bros., etc. Though the Wii has seen most of these franchises have releases once, or maybe even twice, there is still some potential in what Nintendo could bring to the table. Now of course, these franchises are some that could possibly never grace the Wii in its lifetime, but it’s nice to dream, right?

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qface643010d ago

lol you actually don't even need to click on the story to see the list xD

ninja gaiden = maybe
metal gear solid = maybe
grand theft auto = maybe
kingdom hearts = likely
portal = never

valve would do portal on wii IF they could but they can't so i wouldn't hold my breath for that
all the others are maybe but at this point im not holding my breath

hatchimatchi3009d ago

The wii doesn't need existing multiplatform games. What they need are 3rd and 1st parties to make games worth playing.

Fierce Musashi3009d ago

Actually, It's just the third parties that have to step up. The first parties have already done that and continue to do so. Unless, that is, you are refering to games that you in particular find worth playing based on your standards.

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Titanz3009d ago

Wii only had a "1 year" drought(2008), 09-10 was and will be a great year for the system in terms quality games.

Microsoft and Sony fans will now have the chance to experience the motion craze that captivated the gaming market.Its just a little odd that some "core gamers" still refuse to adapt to the ideal controlling method....

EvilTwin3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Ninja Gaiden with Zelda TP's swordplay? No thanks. Pulling combos THAT fast wouldn't be practical with motion controls, IMO. We're already getting a sorta "Metroid Gaiden"-type thing with M:OM, and it looks fantastic, though, so Tecmo doing something else with Nintendo isn't out of the question.

Portal will never happen, so forget that. MGS and KH appear to have found a home on 3DS.

That leaves GTA, and I don't see it happening. Chinatown Wars was great, and it showed that they can think outside of the box with a different type of hardware to work with. It's a shame they haven't shown any interest in Wii.