Spawn Kill - Kill Kast 11: It Was the Best of Times It Was the Blurst of Times

In this week’s episode of Spawn Kill’s official podcast, Eric, Rebecca, and Dana get together yet again to give you their opinion about some recent news which includes the new Xbox Kinect Bundle, the gameplay videos for DarkSpore and Dead Space Ignition, Netflix heading to Canada and THQ’s recent announcement of a Red Faction television show set to air on SyFy.
Spawn Kill also talks a bit about this week’s Community Voice and what they think about the upcoming technology in the gaming industry. Basically, it is explained why they want the 3DS and why the Kinect look so terrible. Finally they discuss the adaptation of literature in video games and how they feel about companies who loosely base their games off of books or those companies who follow the books too closely.

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tigresa3105d ago

Why they look so terrible!? Haters. >:I I'll have to take a listen, I kind of like when things are based off books (loosely) sometimes. Too close leaves no creative freedom and a lot of stick-up-ass complaining gamers.

dwightmccarthy3105d ago

Literature adaptations? do gamers even read books?

Heart1lly3104d ago

Definitely. I'm a gamer (actually on this episode of the Kill Kast) and I've read about 12 books in the past 2 weeks. I love books!