Worldwide Weekly Chart ending 17th July

X360 307,266 (+98%) 41,302,898
DS 266,939 (-4%) 132,037,297
Wii 154,479 (-4%) 72,726,984
PS3 129,463 (-1%) 36,056,728
PSP 76,988 (-1%) 58,995,768
PS2 30,328 (-4%) 136,528,619
Total 965,463 (+16%)

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HydraxFFx3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Wow a double in sales.
and NCAA 11?!?!

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Poseidon3191d ago

good sales for everyone, too bad im not getting a dime from it.

The Xbox Empire3191d ago

Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu!!!!!!!

All the PS3 fanboys say the PS3 is still winning worldwide!!!

What happened?!?

Motorola3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

this is OVERALL sales from release date.....slow fanboy...

The Almighty PS3rd3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

lol They also believe PS3 can still catch up this generation.
Obviously not the truth, seeing as Xbox 360 is bringin' the heat!

PS3, do us all a favor and stay out the kitchen! You can't take it! Use your own advice and just MOVE before you get ran over!

Motorola3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

dude ur a fanboy...your words mean nothing....and the PS3 doesnt need sales to catch has the best software of 2011 in my opinion and 2010...gaems are all I care about. Games are all anygame shud care about

shoddy3191d ago

Finally built in wifi with 4gb. My cousin gave his old one away and bought the slim.

When ps3 slim came out last year they did like 500,000.
But none of this matter. We can't just count by weekly. It's a waste of time.

Marathon guys it's over when the console discontinue so the ps2 is still king.

Lord Gunchrote3191d ago

The console has always been cheaper and just got a new model you bunch of smart asses. And its still having its lead cut every fiscal report. Go die under an abandoned shack.

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J-Smith3191d ago

you got to be really retarded to believe LoL

Jockamo3191d ago

360 quadruples PS3 sales in EVERY COUNTRY

lol, that's crazy good!

Information Minister3191d ago

Really? And how exactly did VGchartz came into possession of such accurate European sales figures when even the manufacturers themselves have trouble getting those numbers? I distinctively remember MS announcing they had sold 10 million 360 consoles in Europe... Twice! They either guessed it or they generalized the UK sales figures.

VGchartz has a long history of reporting wrong numbers and still, people on this site will never learn.

Jockamo3191d ago

No one expected these sales to be so strong at E3 because really there was no hype around it.

But there IS hype around Kinect. And all these new console owners are gonna wanna get that thing once the initial novelty of having a new 360 wears off.

It's gonna be a freakin landslide this holiday.

Foliage3191d ago

Funny xbots... so now VGCHARTZ is reliable again?


Are we also going to forget that Microsoft is still the only one of the 3 reporting SHIPPED figures? When you release a console, you SHIP them to stores.. this means nothing. Go to your local store. Best Buy (I live in a major city) only sold 2, Future Shop sold 1, other stores similar.

And this poor excuse for a website is run by the biggest fanboy online, who got kicked off neogaf for posting fake numbers and getting caught for being the fanboy he is, suddenly he has a website and you idiots fall for it.


PshycoNinja3191d ago

They got the PS2 numbers wrong anyways:

How can people still trust this site?

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ClownBelt3192d ago

I swear to God, I just saw this type of article yesterday.

Strange_Evil3191d ago

Ya what's up with so many updates on the sales, I mean we are having like hourly updates lol....

Ya I know Slim is selling good and congratz to MS for that, but getting hourly updates lol???

Bigpappy3192d ago

I expect to see a small drop of some time next month, but it will still be betting Wii and PS3. The only thing I see slowing the 360-s is if some massive failure issue springs up. The disk scratching rumor was not big enough.

Chris3993192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Again, people fail to NOTICE that hardware is up 98%, but software is -2%. So 150K brand new 360S were sold, but no one is buying any games for them.

Most of the Slim sales are rebuys. Again, there's nothing wrong with this - it's still a "sale" in the end. But this is why analysts are questioning the long term impact of the revision. The effect will cool off once all the old owners have one. The true test will be if there is a demand for Kinect and the associated games/ hardware in November.

I don't know why I'm trying to make a sensible argument anyhow when 90% of this site are fanboys (from either camp) who don't even take the time to examine the numbers or read articles aside from a cursory glance at the headlines. I miss the Open Zone. This place needs it back.

dizzleK3191d ago

the ps3 has gotten a massive sales boost since the slim, why are their software sales flat? could it be rebuys? millions of new consoles out there and the only game that topped 360 sales was ff13.

theres 70 million wiis out there but software sales are still absolute ass.

i honestly think all systems are nearing their saturation point. they're all selling but software sales don't reflect the increase. i think a large % of current console sales are from repeat customers (buying one for another room, replacement, etc).

Chris3993191d ago

Week to week they're either on par or above the 360s current software sales.

I'm not trying to turn this into a "system wars" thing, but the 360 is getting long in the tooth and a 'refresh' - without a price-drop - ain't going to cut it.

If you're looking for one specific title that boosts the PS3's entire software sales, there isn't one. There are numerous titles, across multiple genres and regions. The PS3's user-base is spread almost evenly in America and the EU with a sizable chunk in Japan as well. Whereas the bulk of the 360's userbase (over 20 million) are in America alone. If you're looking for proportionate software sales you're not going to find them in America.

logikil3191d ago

I am somewhat curious, but how can you determine from those numbers that the software that sold wasn't to new users? There is no sales data that ties a console sold to a same receipt game sale. I'm not saying you are either right or wrong, but there is nothing that indicates that in either way. The only thing that really validates this or not is the tie ratio. That has dipped slightly, but it still is above 8.8 games per console. So even if there is a portion that are rebuys, it hasn't been enough to cause the tie ratio to drop significantly which I would expect if a grander portion of the sales over the last few weeks have just been rebuys. The tie ratio went from 8.87 on the 12th of June to 8.82 on the 17th of July so there is definitely a decrease, but not so much that I would write off the vast majority of sales over the past month and a half as just rebuys.

Chris3993191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

compared to 150K the week before, and there is no substantial uptick - in many cases a decrease - in software sales, what conclusions can we draw?

A.) 150K people, some or most of which are "new" customers, have mysteriously stopped purchasing software for the system (this could be true if it was for one week alone, but decline SW sales are in fact a trend that has been in effect for a while now).

B.) 150K additional people are purchasing consoles, but NO software to accompany those purchases.

Answer "B" is the simplest and most likely. So why would people be purchasing consoles, but no software to go with those consoles?

A reasonable guess would be because they already have software, as this is a second purchase. Not to mention that according to VGChartz, the EU accounted for 200K, ONE THIRD of total WW sales on the week where the Slim launched and software was DOWN by 7% overall. So in the EU alone, 150K worth of people bought a 360, but they bought LESS software that week than when 50K 360s were sold the week before. If what we have here isn't a case of old owners re-buying the system, then it's the greatest mystery since the pyramids.

And again, it doesn't matter, a sale is a sale. But it's not expanding the userbase significantly, and that is a concern.

alb18993191d ago

check it out after Halo reach to see how software sales are?

Spenok3191d ago

Its about time some sence was spoken on this site.

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bioshock12213192d ago

Wow the Xbox 360 actually beat everyone else worldwide even with japan numbers still being low.

trounbyfire3192d ago

I think it may be re buys 360 owners.

when the ps3 and wii price cut happened there was a spike in software sales as well as older games making the chart again. curious as to the reason the 360 is not moving software above average.

blue7xx73192d ago

No it's most likely because most Sony exclusives are First Party so they get a bigger cut of the sales for their games since they own the studios that make them. As oppose to Microsoft most of their exclusives are from third party developers so they get less of a cut of the money their games sale.

darthv723191d ago

And what if it is? It doesnt detract from the fact that a sale is a sale even if it is to the same person.

PS3 slims sold to existing users and it didnt matter then. It shouldnt matter now.

Agent-863191d ago

@blue7xx7, it has nothing to do with a "cut". These are not revenue figures, they are unit sales figures. I agree with trounbyfire, that it's kind of unusual that 360 has had higher sales since the new "Slim", yet the PS3 is outselling it software wise.

DaTruth3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I think you don't really understand this console war! It is no about sales per se, but about installed base! It doesn't matter if you sell 100mil systems to the same 10mil userbase if they only buy 10mil userbase worth of games, developers will not support your console and it will be discontinued like the original XBOX and Gamecube.

You've been here all this time and don't know this???

trounbyfire3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

maybe you didn't read the part when i said this:

when the ps3 and wii price cut happened there was a spike in software sales as well as older games making the chart again

so it does matter if no new people are buying hardware. that means not many new people will buy software. but you just continue to think the world is out to get microsoft D BAG

really you want to use lifetime sales???? YEAR OF SALES ALONE @sshole.

what i said that the ps3 and wii had a spike in software sales when they had a price cut and people were buying old titles as well. they were most likely hold out waiting for a price cut. NEW FIRST TIME PS3 OWNERS

@ blue7xx7
WHAT that has nothing to do with it.

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