The Truth About StarCraft II's Development Cost

Ex: Earlier this week The Wall Street Journal broke a widely covered report that Blizzard's StarCraft II development costs exceeded $100 million, a fact proven completely false today.

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captain-obvious3008d ago

no matter how much it cost them
its like a pocket change to them

I mean they made enough money to buy a small country and im talking about WOW in here

let alone they still make money out of it and add to that they'll make shit load of money out of this game too
so yah

Queasy3008d ago

I think they are already at almost 700k pre-orders? Whatever they spent, they'll make it back pretty fast.

CrAppleton3008d ago

Oh I'm sure they will, just crazy how much they spent

killyourfm3008d ago

They have actually hit 700k pre-orders. Damn...

tomy3008d ago

well if they tought that starcraft won't make profit for them ofc they wouldn't do it,but i don't see a hype around this game,i mean it's a starcraft yes but it's a RTS same as warhammer or red alert,maybe a little bit better but i won't give 60 bucks anyway for this!

captain-obvious3008d ago

what ???
dude I mean really ???

what are you knew in this gaming thing ?
or don't you know much about PC gaming

you may not see much hype in N4G since in here its mostly about PS3 ,360 ,wii ,DS and PSP
but go to PC forum and look at that shit you'll see the real hype
this is Blizzard one of the best PC developers
and this is StarCraft one of the best RTS of all time
there is PPL ready to pay 100$ for a regular copy of this game
so yes there is hype behind this game
and a big one that is

so I don't think you really know what you are talking about in here

Non_sequitur3008d ago

Agreed. StarCraft had me waiting for yrs. for a sequel. The only other RTS to really get me hooked on it was Ages of Empires II. I would definitely buy StarCraft II.

RagTagBnd4453008d ago

It is one of the best balanced games, it has actually race diversity, and it has one of the most powerful map editor's which almost no limitations, what more do you want?

skip2mylou3008d ago

why are we still listening to wall street when they screwed over so many citizens over

noobsRus3008d ago

star craft=downfall of pc gaming

killyourfm3008d ago

Are you delusional or just trolling?

noobsRus3008d ago the 90s...when i was pc gaming....we didnt have these dorky games.

real pc gamers dont play this trash....RTS/rpg killed the pc market.

flooded with rts/rpg rehash's and barly any exclusive pc shooters anymore.

GrilledCheeseBook3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

no RTS in the 90's
I would say the 90's was loaded with RTS games
Total Annihilation
Command & Conquer
Red Alert
Age of Empires

killyourfm3008d ago

But RTS's are SUPERIOR on PC's. . .consoles can't touch that kind of complexity and depth. To each his own for sure, but I definitely disagree.

Zinc3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )


I don't know what kind of PC gamer you were in the 90's, but I loved all the choices we had. You could play Dune (the strategy adventure game) or Dune2 THE RTS that started it all or your FPS of choice or TBS or RPG (my personal favorite) or whatever you wanted.

The PC was the home of the RPG and adventure. I can't even fathom how you could say you were a PC gamer and not enjoy that genre.

Man... Master of Orion, Master of Magic, Dune, Fallout, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Wizardry series, Daggerfall (part of the elder scrolls series), Crusader: No Remorse and No Regret, X-Com and on and on, forever infinity squared.

Now that was some top shelf, right there.

Starcraft was a great game. In fact, it's still entertaining to play to this day.

Right now I'm replaying Deus Ex after 10 years, it's still fun and engaging.

Let us never, however, speak of that travesty Diakatana... I still have a copy of that somewhere in my collection. That was almost as bad a time and money investment as seeing the movie Ecks Vs. Sever.

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