Pure Nintendo Review: Tournament of Legends

Tournament of Legends puts you in the midst of a power struggle between mythical creatures and one lonely human gladiator called Marcus.

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CoffeewithChess3036d ago

how this game would have ended up if they stuck with the original Gladiator A.D. theme.

ChickeyCantor3036d ago

It would have been called "cliche" and to brownish for a wii-title.
Lack of classic controller would have helped getting the reviewers cry more.

You know it would have been no different.

6.5, still worth a try though.

AEtherbane3036d ago

Reviewers really hate HVS anyway....

Seferoth753036d ago

It's a budget title that launched for 29.99.

Show me any high rated retail game that launched at that price.

6.5 is actually a really good score when you think about it. This game had a very low development cost to be at 29.99. If they took the time to put the other 20.00 worth of development into it and made it a 49.99 game it might be getting 10's right now.