Grinding Gears: Sony Lying Without Shame

Jonah Falcon goes completely off on Sony’s misleading – often outright lying – Move comparison ad.

Excerpt: "Sony says “Blu-Ray powered HD with up to 1080p support” while the competition from Microsoft only has “HD with up to 1080p support”.

What is the difference?

The answer is, of course, none. Zero. Zilch. Sony is trying to convince consumers that a pound of rocks is heavier than a pound of feathers. A pound is a pound is a pound. Blu-Ray, in fact, has nothing to do with game resolution. Blu-Ray is just a way of reading more information from a disc than, say, a DVD/9. It has nothing to do with how a system displays graphics. This, dear friends, is a bald-faced lie."

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HydraxFFx3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I'll admit I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that chart, but I think they meant that the Blu-Ray disk allows more info on it, hence more uncompressed data making better quality.

EDIT: It was also weird how they put "no" in the "built in rechargeable battery" and "wireless" categories as technically Natal has unlimited battery because you are the controller and is wireless as you can move wherever you want to, no wires attached.

SasanovaS19873007d ago really believe a dvd can produce 1080p? maybe they talked about movies, not just games? hmm? maybe? retards

JonahFalcon3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

No one is reading video off a disc when you play videogames. They're completely different. If you stuck a Blu-Ray disc drive into a Wii, it's not going to suddenly spout 1080p graphics. It's all about the graphic hardware and RAM, not the disc drive.

What Blu-Ray does is that it can store more info. That's it. The problems of a CLV device is a discussion for another day.

Besides which, you know the difference is between PS3 1080p and 360 1080p?


A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of lead.

Anyway, there's more to the article than just the 1080p.

Pennywise3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Oh, Johan... We all know you hate Sony. You hate them so much that you had to write an article about a comparison chart that states:

Blu-ray powered HD with 1080P support Vs HD with 1080p support.

This is in no way a lie. Sony was promoting Bluray movies. I don't know if you have ever watched a movie on a bluray disc, but there really is no comparison to DVD movies or even streamed movies from the net. Lets also not forget the HDMI 1.3 sound improvements that the 360 cannot replicate.

They were also boasting their bluray games... Which can have uncompressed audio and video files. Where MS's DVD games have to be compressed. You really can't come in here talking like you are a tech genius if you can acknowledge the advantage of a bluray disc over dvd. Get over it.

Sony was not saying their 1080p beats MS's 1080p. They could have based on HDMI 1.3, but they didn't. What they said is they have Blu-Ray... I see nothing wrong with this being Bluray is vastly superior to anything on DVD.

PoSTedUP3007d ago

i may sound like a noob but... isnt blu-ray high definition sound due to uncompressed data? that makes all the difference imo because i have an expensive stereo system that i put $$ into and i want QUALITY sound when i play my games and watch blu-ray movies. so also 25gb of data compared to a dvd9 is no different? man i hate uneducated journalists.... NEXT!

GWAVE3007d ago

If lies grind your gears, how can you in good conscience own anything at all with the Microsoft label on it?

Microsoft has lied about ten times as many things as Sony/Nintendo combined this generation, and they continue to get away with it.

rroded3007d ago

trying to save face but that ships failed already....

Genesis53007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

The Wii was also on the comparison chart. That's why some categories don't seem to apply to Kinect.

3007d ago
lastdual3007d ago

What Jonah stated was correct, and has nothing to do with petty console wars.

Blu-ray is a storage medium. So is DVD. So is your hard drive. More storage space means more space available for better quality audio and pre-rendered video, but this doesn't automatically translate to better real-time graphics.

If that were true, then the size of your hard drive would be the determining factor in how good a PC game looked! And I would hope you all know how absurd that sounds.

What a lot of braindead fanboys don't seem to understand us that when you're talking about real-time rendered graphics, those graphics have to be LOADED INTO RAM.

You might have a 50 gig blu-ray disk, but your console can only display as much data on-screen at once as you can load into RAM at any given time. That's why it's called a bottleneck.

As such, pre-rendered footage like the cut scenes in FFXIII are much more likely to look better on the PS3, but actual gameplay visuals are fairly comparable on both consoles.

wicked3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

The early xbox's did 1080P with the component/VGA cable. 1080P didn't suddenly start with HDMI! You have been playing your Sony record to much. (By the way records came before CD's)

moparful993007d ago

Ahh again you let your hatred of anything sony blur your common sense.. Blu-ray powered hd 1080p.. How exactly is that a lie? More storage means uncompressed data.. When streaming data from a disc having uncompressed data means it can be translated quicker and cached in advance allowing for better texture streaming and overall resolution uptake.. You try so hard to downplay the importance of blu-ray in the ps3 equation but without the blu-ray advantage the cell wouldnt be nearly as efficient.. I'm sorry but sony knows more about physical mediums in regards to graphical fidelity then you could ever hope to understand.. Stop pretending that you are a tech wizard and you're uncovering a lie that sony has been trying to push with the ps3.. There's a reason sony invested millions into the development of the cell along with blu ray.. Stop posting your nonsense as you are not making a good case for yourself.

Rot_in_Fail3007d ago

we have Blu Ray they don't and that's TRUTH

Elven63007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

SasanovaS1987: For DVD it depends on the codec, WMV HD DVD for instance can display 1080p but the max bit rate is only 13 mbps or so compared to Blu Ray and HD DVD which are capable of bit rates near 50 mbps.

The bit rates you get with WMV HD DVD are still superior to digital downloads though, unless you count Vudu HD or what ever it is which has rates near 20mbps. I believe DivX also has an HD codec but I'm not very familiar with it.

bringitson and wicked: The 360 at launch could only do 1080i, the 1080p resolution was enabled with a firmware update.

OT: Any comparison done by a company in the position of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc should be taken with a grain of salt since the intent is almost always to make your product look good in front of Joe Consumer while not discrediting the competition completely.

Boody-Bandit3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

If you only knew the lengths this guy (Jonah Falcon and his buddy Jordan Lund) has gone over the years to bash anything Sony. This guy has one purpose in life. Every where I have gone online to get my gaming fix over the years I have run into him and it's always the same shit different day.

On topic:
"Sony lying without shame" <- Really?
That in itself is shameful of "you" Jonah.

bjornbear3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I really dont want to laugh at your article...


ehm how are they lying?

sony has blu-ray player that reads blu-ray disks that do 1080p resolution. 360 doesn't.

they never said 360 doesn't do 1080p. whats the point of this article?

*looks at site, looks at submitter*


Rush3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Man Sony fanboys have no begun to believe there own blatant lies... this site has gotten out of hand.

Yes you can put 1080p footage on a DVD disc you go put 1600p footage on a DVD disc if you wanted.

Blu-Ray is just a storage medium it has almost no effect no graphics at all.

And to all the spaz tards going but but but the uncompressed textures. Fail DVD reads alot quicker then the Blu-Ray so uncompressing textures ain't as big of an issue as it is on Blu-Ray dics.

I have PC games less then 1gig big that run in 1080p a dual layer DVD holds 8.5gig of data.

Resolution is determined by 99 percent hardware 1 percent storage capacity anyone saying otherwise is a complete lying scum bag.

rockleex3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

"Blu-Ray, in fact, has nothing to do with game resolution."

Obviously. But did Sony say it did?

Please point out to where in this statement did Sony say that Bluray relates directly to resolution.

"Sony says “Blu-Ray powered HD with up to 1080p support” while the competition from Microsoft only has “HD with up to 1080p support”.

Sony THEMSELVES said that Microsoft has HD up to 1080p support. How that flew over your head, I have no idea.

Stop making up baseless claims.

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iMad3007d ago ShowReplies(3)
yewles13007d ago

I think the chart was rushed and the format was limited from what should've been better details. But I'm just assuming...

tplarkin73007d ago

What "details" are missing?

yewles13007d ago

Little notice asterisk's could've helped, especially when the Wii is also in the mix, for clarity.

Agent-863006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Sony should have just put N/A in those spots about secondary controller, rechargeable battery, and wireless. Then, I would think that the comparisons are fair and hopefully shut up the haters. However, this guy calling them liars is going too far.

HolyOrangeCows3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Blu-Ray = Uncompressed cutscenes and video
DVD9 = Compressed video and still a possible need for multiple discs (See FF13)

BS fanboy article. He's a liar suggesting that there is "zero" difference between DVD and Blu-ray HD.
Report as Fake and move on.

darkcharizard3007d ago

but it isn't a HUGE one.

I understand a person like you supports all of Sony's victories, their boasting about how great they are and their bashing of other companies' products.. but COME ON! that list IS kinda stupid!

Just look at "Wireless .. Yes .. Yes - must be tethered to Wii Remote". They've released new technology compared to the 4 year old Wiimote. Its just plain nit-picking, only a blind fanboy won't see that!

Also.. look at the very FIRST comparison. They should have written "with addition of PS Move" if they wrote "with addition of Wii MotionPlus". It looks like they're saying Move is their primay controller instead of DualShock. C'MON! don't be blind!

You don't see Nintendo making a list of all the things Sony has copied. It won't take very long. I can make a short one myself, here -
1. D-Pad .. Yes
2. 4 Face Buttons on Right of the Controller .. Yes
3. Shoulder Buttons .. Yes
4. START Button .. Yes
5. SELECT button .. Yes
6. Thumb operated analog stick .. Yes
7. Rumble .. Yes
8. Wireless controller .. Yes
9. Motion Controller for gaming .. Yes
10.Secondary Motion Controller .. Yes

^^ now that's a pretty STUPID list, but it's perfect for bashing another company!

Sony made and uncalled for attack. Accept it. Can you do that?

PS - I didn't disagree with you, that button doesn't lead to constructive discussion.

Spenok3006d ago

Therefor meaning Sony is NOT lieing about anything. This guy is just a Microsoft fanboy and is butthurt about not having Blu-Ray for his 360.

dcbronco3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

It may use less, but it uses it. Actually the movie is all compressed and the audio isn't sometimes. MPEG-4, VC-1 and MPEG-2 are all compression codecs. And all Blu-rays use some form of codec.

Also, DVD can do full 1080p. It just can't do much of it. Like others said, Blu-ray is just a storage media with more space. If a switch happens to holographic disc and they start making 4k videos, Blu-ray will still be able to do 4k. It just won't be able to do much of it.

The Lazy One3006d ago

agreed and bubbles.

Anyone who disagrees has an enormous misunderstanding of how optical media works.

dcbronco3006d ago

But I just laugh. Sony has so many fools heads spinning that they have begun to believe the most ridiculous things. I don't pay any attention to them. Instead of having enough sense to read about the technologies,they just believe whatever Sony tells them to. But hey, it's their money.

Jockamo3007d ago

Good article, Mr. Falcon. It's thought out and LOGICAL, which is something that people here seem to be lacking in droves. Nice work!

kneon3007d ago

It's not lying, it's marketing.

You tell the truth but in such a way that even the negatives seem positive. Everyone does it.

Sevir043006d ago

The PS3's way of delivering HD content is via Blu ray, thats is what 99% of the Move titles are being delivered on, while the other 1% will be delivered VIA PSN... and Um... hello!!! Blu ray IS THE ONLY, ONLY HD media format Disc availible at retail that has support by the entertainment industry, and SURPRISE SURPRISE! It allows for uncompressed HD sound and video to be delivered on the disc due to it's space. and the fact that the PS3 has a Bluray drive means that the very medium that it's games and it's movies are produced on displays at HD resolutions supporting 720p through 1080p Natively, because of once again, blu ray and blu ray drive, the Cell BE and the 1.3/1.4 HDMI... in fact. Some Move titles Support 3dHD... which is more than we can say for the xbox 360 which Sony clearly knows delivers HD up to 1080p. So tell us a gain how is sony lying by station how it's system delivers HD. it would have been a lie if they said Xbox didn't deliver HD> but we all know it does. and Sony didn't say that...

I think we should Falcon Punch this "EDITORIAL" because its a laughable piece of shit at best. Falcon call us back when you have something better to cry about. like Kinect having all those restrictions to play. :-)

MuleKick3006d ago

Did anyone else pay attention to the fact that the Wii was on that list? I hear alot of "boo-hoo" about the list as if it were just Move vs. Kinect. Wii is the leader in motion control right now. I don't see anyone catching the Wii in sales but I do see the potential for the Move to make games of a better quality. The Kinect has mass appeal and I do see alot of Soccer Moms buying it under the influence of their kids. However, the gaming experience looks to be no better than what the Wii is offering.

Anyway, I hope they all do well.
Competition makes for better games.
We all win.

WacksOnWacksOff3006d ago

Absolutely AMAZED at the number of people on here who believe that the only way that you can get 1080p is with a magical Blu-ray disc. The depth of ignorance here is astounding. I can get 1080p video off my thumb drive...

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Poseidon3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Besides which, you know the difference is between PS3 1080p and 360 1080p?


1st game = Driving game.

2nd game = definitive driving simulator. (cell optimized.)

Microshock3007d ago ShowReplies(2)
ClownBelt3007d ago

The author grasping for straws is more like it. Making an issue over something that doesn't even need one. I guess news is slow after all. Can't wait for TGS where ACTUAL gaming news will be published on the front page.

Karooo3007d ago

FF cutscenes 1080p uncompressed due to bluray.

on 360 540p compressed.

Blu ray powered HD get it ?

WacksOnWacksOff3006d ago

They compressed the 360 cutscenes in order to reduce the total number of discs. They COULD have left the cutscenes UNcompressed at 1080p, but it would have required more total discs. The 360 is CAPABLE of doing 1080p, but it's just not practical with a massive game like FFXIII to print out so many DVD discs. If the PS3 had a CD drive, then FFXIII could be on CD and still output 1080p, but the entire game would likely take up several hundred CD discs. If the PS3 had a floppy disc drive, then FFXIII could be on floppy disc and still output 1080p, but the entire game would likely take up several thousand floppy discs. It's JUST a matter of storage space. THAT'S IT. No magic involved. Simple. Get it?