The Exploding Red Barrel: A Tribute

RespawnAction says, "The exploding red've provided us gamers with so much joy over the years, all the way back to the Doom series. So innocently you sit there, not making a peep, but when pushed too far you can cause quite the ruckus. Enemies know not your potential because they always manage to stand right next to you...unsuspecting of any danger that may come their way."

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respawnaction3010d ago

in any particular game for anybody?

alphakennybody3010d ago

black , KZ2, and the most fun to mess with crysis

respawnaction3010d ago

Black is pretty awesome, cant wait for Bodycount personally.

CoffeewithChess3010d ago

I never played Black, but I did see a guy play through on of the levels in it.
Crysis is another one on my list of, "Want to play, but haven't".

CoffeewithChess3010d ago

from the N64 for me.
I think the game had good explosions in general.

hardcorez3010d ago

Call of Duty World at War had pretty good fire effects in explosions.

respawnaction3010d ago

They were pretty good, especially with limbs flying everywhere!

Axis3009d ago

Resident Evil 5 had a ton of red barrels.

respawnaction3009d ago

you are soo right, I regret trading the game in prior to this vid, I had to use the demo instead :/