Movies & Video Games: Why Don't They Mix?

TGH Writes: "The movie industry and the video game industry have attempted to meld on several occasions. None of which have had astronomical critical and commercial success simultaneously. The only one that came close was GoldenEye 007 back on the N64. Since then there have been many pairings of games and movies. Games first, then movie; sometimes movie first then game. Recently the games have come prior to the movies and some say ruin the story for the movies by revealing the endings. However the overall consensus is that movies based on a video game franchise or single iteration become horrible representations of the medium. So why is that?"

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Well, the only good Movie based in a Game I like, is Silent Hill.

IRetrouk3011d ago

if done properly they can, take mgs4, also probs rising too, also uncharted 2, heavy rain, alan wake, splinter cell, all good games that have a moivie feel i think.

MightyMark4273011d ago

majority of movies that are based on video games sucks!

Poseidon3011d ago

dead space directed by george romero and ob zombie would be so ooober schlikoo

ShadyDevil3011d ago

Deadly Premonition movie!