Xboxic: Kinect Demoed at Arizona Microsoft Store

Xboxic writes: The only game where lag was an issue was the Break Out game. The thing with the Hurdles is this. You don’t jump when you get in front of the hurdle, you jump when the hurdle turns green (which is a second before you get in front of the hurdle). This is obviously because there is lag, but they recognized it and put the green indicator so it was no issue..."

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psman0123198d ago

I must say Microsoft is doing good at putting Kinect out in different stores to try.

BeaArthur3197d ago

Yeah, I think it's an over priced unnecessary device but at least they know their audience and are getting the word out.

The Xbox Empire3197d ago

They seem to be having tons of fun. Haters keep on hatin'! You won't win. ;)

darthv723197d ago

is them being less than 6ft away at times and still able to play the game.

I think the whole distance thing is on a per game basis. Not all games will need to see the whole body just as not all games will require you to stand.

You will be able to sit and play closer or further away as you see fit. Also, I think they will get 4 player working once it has been out and the software refined. Performance issues are generally alleviated over time with the right amount of programming.

ChozenWoan3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

1. why is it that the people playing the games never seem to be the ones controlling the console to choose which game(s) they want to play next. They should be able to just wave their hands or speak to the xbox without the need for an attendant with a controller to set up the next match.

2. Why do you need a professional assistant anyway for a gaming system that "only requires real life experiences" to operate. In real life, do you need someone to tell you how to hold onto the rail when your walking up/down stairs. How about turning on a light, do you need someone to talk you through it.

I wont mention how long it takes for their jumps to translate onscreen.

To Darth:
Just watched it again and at no time did they get closer than 6 feet in this video while playing.

sxpacks3197d ago

It's the Nintendo Power pad without the pad :)

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Raoh3198d ago

was that a real family or actors?

i only ask cause it seems like people just walked by not caring.. so were they invited, interviewed for this or did they walk in on their own?

JOLLY13197d ago

There is a whole group of people watching. There were a few people that went by while they were waiting, I guess. However, there were people outside the store on benches watching.

3197d ago
Mustang300C20123197d ago

They are in a mall. Everyone is supposed to be interested because they pass a window in a store?

Jockamo3197d ago

The guy has a bunch of other videos of him and his friends trying it out. They have a blast!

Omega43198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

"For sure buying this. I loved it and know my 4 year old and 3 year old will love it. I only got to try the games, not counting the video and voice control/recognition. Well worth it to me, and that is coming from someone that makes about $30,000 a year. I’m not rich and I am getting it - Game $60 + Kinect $90 = $150. So worth it!"

More positive hands-on (or hands-off) with kinect. The thing with the lag too is even after the launch it can still be improved since its all in the software. But it seems to be improving with every new demo.

Edit: Also with jumping lag its not really lag since the game won't mimic your jump in-game since it would have to be predetermined so people who can't/can jump really high don't get an unfair advantage, since a small child can only jump so high. So if you jumped really high the avatar would jump a certain height and land, but if you are still in mid air it will seem like lag even though it track you correctly. Which is why I guess the obstacle course jump look weird.

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shazui1233197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Tell me you dont believe that. I mean, really, you're such a fanboy that you watched this and made yourself think it was great? let alone worth £150?!?!?!?! From this we can take away that there'll still be a good half-second of lag even at launch and no hardcore games in sight. In fact they look even LESS innovative than eyetoy games (Which were far from innovative) PLEASE just admit it? because I doubt anyone will have any respect for you after that comment, 360, PC or PS3 owner for that matter.

And please, if you genuinely think that they weren't actors... I worry for you, since your life must actually be that awkward between friends and family members.

Bigpappy3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

You can add me to your hate list, if you haven't already. Omega seems to me like a good person who lives with in his means and is capable of making up his own mind. For some reason PS3 owners think that God loves them more because they own a PS3. If you truly believe that, then your God is no more that the CEO of Sony corp.

Omega should not have disclosed his salary, but I know for a fact that some of you here don't even have a job. He does what he can to help support his family and ensure that his kids have as much fun he can afford them. For some one to attack him because they think his salary is not big enough is disgraceful and sick.

There are many people who have played Kinect and prefer it over the Move and the Wii. There are some game that are previewed badly and others that win high praises for accuracy, fun and responsiveness.

Kinect is out selling the Move bu a huge margin and neither has been released yet. So you can stay behind your PC's and call people names everytime they express interest in Kinect. I pretend to know what you get out of that, but I can tell you that all you end up doing is being offensive

D4RkNIKON3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Omega4, here is a nice article for you to read. It's a review for Joy Ride and I assure you it will make you feel better about your Kinect Pre-Order. ;)

Here's the closing statement.

"Of the growing selection of Kinect games I've now seen, Joy Ride has disappointed the most. Perhaps I wasn't doing it right; perhaps it takes time to get used to, but unresponsive controls and a lack of tactile feedback took away everything that's enjoyable about racing games."

Hope that's not the case for the rest of the Kinect library..

Jockamo3197d ago

Looks like they're having a really good time with it. I hope you enjoy it, Omega! :)

KingME3197d ago

Omega, I think it looks like fun also. They seem to be having a blast and that's what gaming is all about. All of these technical crybabies on N4G can never enjoy anything these days because they are too busy analyzing the hell out of things.

@bringitson - your comment only proves how ridiculously ignorant people can be. As a matter of fact when I was reading your comment, I could only think of how well it appeared to fit you.

Jockamo3197d ago

I'm still on the fence about buying it. I'll probably wait for a holiday price cut (New Years??). I'd like to really see how Live is integrated as far as the dash goes, and also I'd like to see how easy and reliable the video chat function is.

Of all things, I'll probably not get it for gaming...!

The Xbox Empire3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

well the N4G crybabies cant enjoy anything because Xbox owned PS3 this generation...

Quick Recap of the past 5 years:

Wah!!!! boo hoo!!! Kinect, Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Crackson, Fable, Xbox Live, Cross game chat, achievements, get DLC first, getting the best version of 99% of multiplats for 5 years straight, Banjo Kazooie, Valve and Left 4 Dead.... all sucks!!! M$ lies and cheats with money!!! Because PS3 can't beat Xbox 360!!!

So therefore we will cry everyday, all day on N4G!!! Maybe that will change something!!! Right guys?!?


Wait, right guys???

*Criiiiickkkkkkkkketttttttsss ss*

....So we're still the losers?? And our opinions on N4G don't really matter in the real world, where there are more people playing Xbox 360 than PS3???


Sez 3197d ago

off topic: does anyone know if it will still be compatible with the pc?

ontopic: i agree with Jockamo. i knid of on the fence about buying it first day. i want to see what other games they are going to launch with kinect before i buy it. so far the games i've seen don't interest me. we maybe the bowling

Parapraxis3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Hey Omega4 , do you really have 2 kids (aged 3 & 4)?? or are you just making stuff up now?

You should be absolutely embarrassed for yourself if this is true.
I think most everybody here thinks you are 14 or 15, myself included.
At this rate in a few years your children (if real) may very well be acting more mature than yourself.

OT: This looks appealing ...initially, however I don't think the software is there or even possible to make Kinect a worthwhile purchase.

jetlian3197d ago

and another one!!! your like "bringitson" omega took that quote from the story.

cliffbo3197d ago

can i just point out that your 3 year old and 4 year old wont be able to play properly since Kinect has a problem recognising small people "KIDS"

jetlian3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

another one HAHA your like "bringitson" omega took that quote from the story. seems people on n4g can't read huh cliffbo

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Johnny Jiron3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Suppose Ill record some video myself when I head to the mall this weekend. Here's a pic when I breezed by it last time. Didn't even know it was gonna be there, but couldn't try it as I had a movie to catch.

chase1673197d ago

why is the boy jumping way before the hurdle
then when he lands man in the game jumps

kevnb3197d ago

this will be the biggest blunder since rrod.

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