Sony Remains Committed To Massive Shooter MAG

Brian Crecente of Kotaku writes:

"It has been six months since Sony launched their massively multiplayer online shooter MAG and as with many online games, time has started to dwindle their numbers. MAG fan and Kotaku reader JG Mills wrote to us to ask: 'How long will Zipper & Sony support the MAG servers as their user numbers are dropping?'...The short answer, from Sony Computer Entertainment of America, is: 'There are still lots of people playing MAG, so there are no plans to alter support of the servers.'"

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captain-obvious3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

they should
I like this game and I still play it from time to time
and it got great community

I just like how most winners (mostly sever) shoot in the air as soon as they win
when you look at the sky at that time it just feels so good
like some kind of a this big space war just went on


Dramscus3010d ago

since the put double xp on directives a while back all the modes have been pretty balanced directives wise. Seems to be rotating through every couple days.

ThanatosDMC3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I'm one of those who shoot up in the sky after winning... just to get sniper in the head by a Valor sniper.

Tips for newcomers: don't crouch and don't treat it like bc2 or mw2 or you will for really really fast.

Poseidon3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

damn, i still gotta try this game out.

ExPresident3010d ago

Your really missing out. Its an extremely good game.

Alvadr3010d ago

My sucky internet connection prevents me from trying out this game. Plus its a major time sink

The Great Melon3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Me too. I only recently got it the other day. Glad to hear the continued support.


One of the best Tactical Shooters online. Team gameplay is the way to win. Along with BFBC2, is just matter to play right in the squads.

HaVoK3083010d ago

You clearly have no idea what a Tactical Shooter is. Rainbow Six series, Ghost Recon series, Gears of War sereis...those are tactical shooters. The original Rainbow Six for PC by Redstorm pioneered the genre. MAG is many things but a Tactical Shooter it is not.

ExPresident3010d ago

I completely disagree:


1.of or pertaining to tactics, esp. military or naval tactics.
2.characterized by skillful tactics or adroit maneuvering or procedure: tactical movements.
3.of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage.
4.expedient; calculated.
5.prudent; politic.

Fact is if played properly MAG is a very tactical game requiring a lot of maneuvering and a plan to achieve your goal. Utilizing proper squad movements, flanking with a squad properly and coordinating attacks on high profile targets in the game makes it very tactical. The fact that you can't run/gun and be the lone wolf in this game makes it more tactical then most. A guy can be awesome in this game but if he doesn't work as a team 99% of the time he's going to fail.

Pennywise3010d ago

Try playing it before you say another word. You are obviously shooting from the hip here, and let me tell you: You are WRONG. Mag is tactical.

You are talking to an old CS pro, so please don't even try to patronize me.

A game that requires Tactics and team work is TACTICAL.

MysticStrummer3010d ago

Compared to most console shooters, MAG is a tactical shooter. It sounds like you require a 3rd person view with a cover system to consider a game tactical. That's just not valid. Any game with large maps, multiple objectives, and multiple classes can be a tactical game. Also, I'd say the longer respawn timers of MAG promote tactics.

JonDiskonected3010d ago

I agreed with you until you said gears of war....unless they changed it radically in the 2nd one, in the first it is far from being tactical

and mag when players play it right, it can be very tactical

captain-obvious3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Gears of War Tactical ??
dude what the hell are you smokin ???

THE best Tactical online games I played recently are

and MGO (you need real skill in this one)

and that's it
gears if far from Tactical

squallheart3010d ago

thank you captain for adding mgo to that list. Many people believe this game is tactical when there has been situations where me and siblings use shields, cqc to get information. It takes great skill. To this day mag and mgo is the only games i play bubble for u.

BattleAxe3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Theres no game out there thats anywhere near as tactical as SOCOM. I agree Rainbow Six can be tactical and believe it or not, CoD can be very tactical in how you hold down parts of the maps with your team while playing hardcore. MAG is ok, but theres too many players involved to really call it tactical.

BF:BC2 isn't tactical at all, especially since you can't even talk to the whole team. I'll give Ghost Recon credit for being tactical also (loved Jungle Storm PS2) but my problem has been the quality that has been lacking in GR as opposed to Rainbow Six.

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TheColbertinator3010d ago

lol Gears.

Tactical? Tactical? Tactical?

Its a ROID RAGE shooter with a shaved ape named Marcus who has to rescue the Princess(baird).At least Horde is Tactical,the MP is just a mess with no real creativity.

TheColbertinator3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

One more thing...

How dare anyone compare Gears/MAG to Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon.The Red Storm team has created some tremendously definitive shooters and has spent years on the genre with success.I cannot fathom the arrogance that comes from anyone who says that Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon have any peers.Apart from OpFlashpoint,no other comes close to the tactical shooter crowns

Dramscus3010d ago

I've gotten about six games since I bought mag but I usually play it two to three times more often than anything else.

I love having a leadership position and altering the entire flow of a battle for an entire dom match.

HaVoK3083010d ago

Heh...I could not stay committed to it more then a couple of weeks. Good for them. A horrible lack of teamwork, nobody uses their mics, fragfest, maps were horribly unbalanced. Perhaps they fixed some of that but I dont wait for a game to be patched to the proper standards nor should any gamer be expected to. I still own it so I guess there is always a chance I could give it another chance. Doubtful though.

ExPresident3010d ago

Don't knock the creators for your inability to find a group of players who use their mics. Only the SVER maps have what could be considered an imbalance and on certain sides you can bust through.

ThanatosDMC3010d ago

SVER maps aren't unbalanced. They're the hardest to defend but that's why we SVER clans defend it like crazy especially C in SVER sabo. It's terrible and easy to go into which is why my clan attacks paratroopers instead of defending.

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