Opinion: 12 Ways to Save the PS3

Once the darling of the video games industry, Sony is increasingly facing fire from jumpy investors, disgruntled gamers, and cash-strapped developers. Is the PlayStation 3 doomed? Not a chance, we say: here are 12 ways Sony can turn the tide.

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bung tickler5398d ago

Buy a X360 and get all the power and more of the ps3 and bettter games for $200 less. Hurray!

achira5398d ago

the xbox360 is so bad, that all xbox360 fanboy make advertisment for it. you can be sure thats all crap. a good console does not need lies and advertisment, a good console has good games. the ps3 is the good console with the best games for it !!!

GTProwler5398d ago

But sony did lie ALOT!!!!

96impala5398d ago

lol its funny to see a sony fan say that, but you guilty of the very thing you accusing xbox fans of. What you think the ps3 is.......much hype, lies, smoke and mirrors. The 360 is great i own one i can say that. None of you own a ps3 so cant say nothin.

Silent5398d ago

#9: Beat Xbox Live at its Own Game

Thats a fact. Live is gonna be a thing in the past. Which one do you think is more popular Sony Online with 100 Million++ players or xboxx60 10 milion++ players ???

Sphinx5398d ago

If MS went from Live with Xbox to 360, and they spent as much time as they did perfecting it... there is no way Sony (who, until recently said online wasn't important, so how much time could they have really spent on it?) can be where MS is with online. The PS2 online gaming sucked real hardcore like... and an equal improvement from PS2 to PS3, compared to Xbox, would be like the first Xbox's Live.

Optimus Prime5398d ago

no you see, XBL is the premire online. nothing will beat. i am not bashing but if sony has free online, i can guarantee that it wont be as good as xbl. period



sony dont have a chance

MS have the largest servers in the world

CAPS LOCK5398d ago

and i think about 30 million people should sign it so that they knew that they are serious, i agree with most of the points except for the hdmi one i think they should keep it.

and for online i dont think sony will beat x-box live, maybe not immediatly but in 2-3 years because they could learn from the mistakes x-box live had.

TheMART5398d ago

If anyone learned from the mistakes, it will be the person/company who made them.

Can you name the mistakes Live had? Actually Sony will never be able to catch up. MS has simple a headstart of 4 years now of knowledge not known by Sony.

Furthermore, I think there are a couple of other things to do to let this not to be a failure. Ofcourse there are good points in it but the main thing will be:

This should be a GAMES console. No overhyped videoplayer. In fact, the BR drive is the most expensive part on the PS. They should cut that drive, which costs about 350 dollars costprice.

That's the most expensive part in the machine. That would worry me. It should be the CPU and/or GPU that are the heart of it's capability's but it isn't.

Cut that piece of pushformat to get more money and a overexpensive console and it could work.

Furthermore, maybe the best thing they should do, while the 360 already has a year headstart and like 12th november it's Gears of War 5 days before PS release is just cancel the whole thing. Get ready for a new release with a descent design it would save massive losses. Alright have to take the development costs right now, that's a pitty. But every 10 million PS consoles sold will give a massive negative 3 Billion dollars loss...

Be wise Sony, for your consoles sake

Watapata5398d ago

Sony has been in online gaming for quite a while, is it really that hard to comprehend that they could take their lessons from the PC side and carry them over to the PS3? Removing the Blu-Ray drive at this point would be a mistake as they've built a fair amount of hype up over that and would be sending a bad message about the format if they removed it now. Considering their position in the consortium that isn't going to happen. Canceling the entire thing would a mistake of gigantic proportions. Frankly, considering that the 360 has been available in every major territory for so long now, it really has not sold that well considering its the only next-gen console out. Gears Of War, great game though it appears to be, could not possibly come out strong enough to blunt the PS3 launch. No single game will ever blunt the launch of a console. The cumulative hype surrounding PS3 clearly and easily trumps the hype surrounding GOW. In addition if they simply canceled the PS3 they would be throwing away billions with no chance of return. There is no doubt that by the end of PS3's life cycle, Sony will have profited from the whole ordeal.

THE TRUTH5398d ago

"But every 10 million PS consoles sold will give a massive negative 3 Billion dollars loss"

that number is stated at a 1 billion dollar loss not 3, plus that has not been confirmed "offically" by Sony

Gh0stDrag0n5398d ago

and put all their support on the 360 and the Wii!!!!!

CAPS LOCK5398d ago

do u work for microsoft or for x-box live huh? ofcourse they had their problems with live at the begging and they had time to improve it, their where mistakes like, password faliures and IPs where getting lost so u couldnt log onto live and there where other, but sony are probably watching x-box live properly and seeing what they can improve on and one of them is the price. everything that comes out has a bug keep that in mind, the x-box 360 had bugs when it came out and so will the ps3 and wii.

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