SDCC 10: Bungie - Halo Reach Panel at Comic Con 2010 (3 videos)

Gamertag Radio writes: "Videos recorded during Bungie's Halo Reach panel from Comic-Con 2010. 3 in total!"

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HydraxFFx3012d ago

Forge world is revolutionary. I hope Guerrilla Games is taking notes, it would be perfect for the Helghan environment.

STICKzophrenic3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

People can disagree with you all they want, but Forge is a HUGE reason why Halo 3 has stayed at or near the top spot of XBL's most played games for nearly three years.

The Halo Community will make some truly amazing things using these tools. Less than two months away, and I'm damn excited.


I don't want to single out any particular devs because there are some amazing studios, but more of them should aspire to include things like Forge and Theater in their games. Bungie do a remarkable job pushing the total package envelop. They did it with Halo 3, and they're about to do it again with their swan song.

SixZeroFour3010d ago

on top of the halo community and the file sharing of halo being a big part of halo 3's success, BUNGIE themselves take notice of the popular stuff from the file shares...IN FACT, grifball was a community made gametype that bungie took notice of and make it part of the playlist every now and then

Mustang300C20123010d ago

Pre-ordered the Legendary Edition and went today to pre-order the 360s Reach limited edition also. 2 months to go. We gonna party likes it Halo 2 and 3 launch night.

Kahvipannu3010d ago

..but now it's a day one for me. Bungie just keeps improving it all the time, I just can't think how big the retail game will be.. Now I can't wait.