ShockCast Episode 23 - Are Games Stuck in a Creative Rut?

DualShockers writes, "DualShockers is officially one year old this week, and we’re bringing the ShockCast to a whole new level . This week’s show is definitely our funniest and most episode yet, but at the same time we managed to tackle some pretty serious gaming topics. The first main topic is a discussion on the state of games, the industry, and creativity as a whole. Are games stuck in creative rut? And if so what will get them out of it? Topic number two we discuss a topic that has always been surrounded with controversary, and it’s the argument of whether or not games should include or be based on current events. Terrorism plots in games in the current generation are at an all time high; the question is should games be based on current events? Does it make the game any more engaging or is it an example of poor taste? These questions and many more answered in this week’s show. Make sure to give it a listen!!!"

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Hitman07693105d ago

I think it's unfortunate that a lot of games just do the copy and paste routine as far as major concept design (especially game-play) while focusing on graphics. If you buy their excuse that they don't want to take risks with their money then how come titles that cost nearly nothing to produce by comparison to big budget titles can still pull off tons of originality and sell decently at the same time?

If you ask me, everyone is becoming way too jaded about what is or is not good sales, greedy much?

However, a lot of what Al had to say in the podcast is how I feel as well I am just glad I'm not the only one who feels this way and I hope that this trend dies out or at least scales back its dominance before the stranglehold over creativity destroys the aspects of gaming that us older gamers originally fell in love with.

Games4M - Rob3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Sometimes they dont even focus on the graphics - the obvious one being MW:2 which I think actually looked worse than COD4.

I dont have any problem with sequels, sometimes i just want more of the same for the core gameplay but with some new gameplay modes. A game which pulled this off was Uncharted2, a game which didnt was GOW3.

iiprotocolii3105d ago

Well, that's more because there was "option" with Uncharted 2 for more gameplay modes. Realistically, there was nothing more - aside from what they offered - which could have changed GOW3 so much. It would have been silly to add something that wouldn't work (e.g. multiplayer). In its own right, GOW3 was a great game overall. It had amazing visuals, a good story, good (but familiar) mechanics, a good soundtrack, and, most importantly, fun factor. Gameplay modes are a bit tricky to implement simply because it can work for some games and not others.

Games4M - Rob3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Dont get me wrong i love GOW3 but it was just GOW2 with a new graphics engine. Multiplayer probably wouldnt have worked - i dunno but there was alot more they could have done to add to the game.

more challenge rooms - GOW3 had the crappest challenges out of all the trilogy. Batman AA had shitloads of challenges.
1 vs 1 fighting - the end fight with Zeus was pretty much Mortal Kombat, what about opening this up to let players slug it out as any of the main characters from the game ?
Time trials - leaderboard for speed running through levels

you know im sure there are lots of ways they could add stuff without having to rewrite the game engine or compromise the game.

Hitman07693105d ago

I can see both sides of this argument.

On the one hand I don't think it would ruin a game to have new modes that aren't traditional to the genre/franchise.

On the other hand it comes down to a matter of budget and time usually.

We don't want to see the single player suffer from the addition of such elements.

As for the ease of difficulty, I have not played the title myself yet but I would suggest that this may have occurred due to the desire from the developers for more people to buy GOW3 who previously have not interacted with the series. This is happening to a lot of games right now and the reason for their decreased difficulty. I expect Demon Souls 2 will be easier than Demon Souls 1 if it releases with the same mindset.

Chadness3105d ago

People “becoming too jaded about what is or is not good sales”.

I agree 100%. Too many publishers these days, and really, gamers in general (this includes press), think that a game has to sell a million copies or more to be successful. What sells that many? Usually sequels to great games or copy-and-paste titles, especially in the FPS genre.

Most of the truly great games this generation and in those previous weren’t the huge budget game that sells millions of copies, it is the smaller, more unique and critically acclaimed games. They sell horribly, but are some of the best games out there, to the point that I find it hard to believe people call themselves “gamers” without having played them.

Stuff like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, The World Ends With You, Echochrome, Valkyria Chronicles…and the list goes on.