Sony RayModeler: 360° autostereoscopic 3D display prototype

A look at the quasi-holographic 3D display being researched by Sony and bound to be showcased at the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2010. PlayStation 3 is represented in the video as a compatible device, but don't expect this to become reality anytime soon. An interesting tech tho.

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presto7173198d ago

"sony" and "360" dont go well together...

captain-obvious3198d ago

this thing could be really great with puzzle games

sikbeta3198d ago

Awesome Tech...

"don't expect this to become reality anytime soon"

Hurry Up SONY!!! I want this tech implemented to Play my Games

Rush3198d ago

Yeah because playing KillZone 3 in 92p would be awesome......

dustgavin3198d ago

They are currently working to improve the technology. It is not like they would release it at the prototype resolution.

rockleex3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Don't let Rush know that technology can advance.

Why do you think he's so content with DVD9? :P

Anyways, this reminds me of PS9.

vsr3198d ago

our next generation won't know about current xbox360

RockmanII73197d ago

What practical use will this have? That thing is tiny I don't know why you guys want to play games on it.Whatever, I'm sure they have their reasons.

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talltony3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

That is sic!

Look at 3:10 He is playing A GAME WITH IT!

GodHandDee3198d ago

@Poseidon: do you show a woman's chest area as a reply to this news? :P I do not get it

OT: Saw this a few days ago, epic epic stuff, this is the future folks I tell ya..the possibilities are endless for this. eg. Study tool, advertising tool etc

rockleex3198d ago

Don't forget about the boobs possibilities.

StbI9903198d ago

Sony = Tegnology front.

StbI9903197d ago

You = Spelling, like if you didn't understand! bash...

To make you happy, "TECHNOLOGY", here an applaud.

Rumor3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

autosterioscopic echocrome


Quagmire3198d ago

Awesome, Looks like somthing outta a sci-fi movie, like RoboCop or Total recall, where they advertise this great unbelievable highly futuristic invention, then it takes over the world. Not saying this creation will, but various sci-fi movies have proved otherwise.

Does anyone LOL at the fact there is a Sony 360 now?


MuleKick3197d ago

It's gonna be a while before the cost is low enough to be rolled out to consumers. That would make for an awesome gaming experience.
PS6 anyone?

mn213197d ago

I remember watching a demo about the same prototype a year or so ago.

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jack_burt0n3198d ago

The museums of the future are powered by SONY™

Snakefist303198d ago

So were going to hav glass free 3DTV.

Chris3993198d ago

(consumer models). We'll have sets powered by this tech or something similar in 5 years or less. Kinda cool that they've already hooked up a PS3 to it.

Chris3993197d ago

Meaning available for purchase. Philips or someone was showing one off at CES for like 30 grand in 2008.

I wasn't speaking specifically about the tech, which has been around for a long while.

Dylantalon13198d ago

Ps4 will be compatible with this . playtation really is the future.

Pennywise3198d ago

Sony will not pay you if you can't spell their products name right. lol

SixZeroFour3198d ago

dont blame him, he couldnt even spell "talented" right...isnt that right, mr "the talon stands for talented"

OT: this is what im waiting for...not the fake "3d" that is becoming mainstream soon, its all about hologram, and this so far is the closest...its limited for a few object on screen, so im guessing it takes a LOT of computing power or something, so i wont expect this for another couple of years, but glad someone is starting to work on it

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