SDCC 2010: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Demo Screening and Panel

GrE writes, "LucasArts’ Haden Blackman was on hand for an exclusive early look at Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 at Comic-Con 2010. Showing off an exclusive trailer for the game that sets up the game’s story, as you play as Starkiller, the Apprentice from the first game, who is made to believe he’s a clone by Darth Vader (and may or may not actually be one) created on the planet Camino, where the clone troopers are created. He has visions of of his love interest, Juno Eclipse, and Vader convinces him that he has these because he is a flawed clone. He is sentenced to die by Darth Vader, but escapes to try to find the now scattered remnants of the Rebel Alliance..."

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bgrundman3106d ago

I hated the first one, so I have no reason to even be moderately interested in a sequel.

DaRockSays3106d ago

Really? The first was pretty good. Why did you hate it?

Neco5123106d ago

I enjoyed SWFU. I thought the whole idea of it was great

bgrundman3106d ago

The controls were crap, the AI was piss poor at best, and it lacked the polish that I expect in a LucasArts game.

In a boss battle, as I lunged in to make the killing blow, my character's model clipped through the floor and fell off the screen... it was a SOLID METAL FLOOR! Not to mention that I had to actually restart the game when that happen because there was no way to go back to the last checkpoint.

I finished the game, but I wasn't happy about it.

Davedough3106d ago

I thought they first one was fantastic... then again, I got it "free" at a used buy 2 get 1 sale, so I may be biased due to how much I paid for it.

bjornbear3106d ago

I did get the PS2 version, but it was too short, too limited and over all glitchy/problematic

the gameplay was awesome, and it had great potential, but just looked half assed.

DaRockSays3106d ago

Hopefully they fixed some of the control issues in this one

Spenok3106d ago

Thats probably the FIRST thing they did. Hopefully at least.

roblef3106d ago

If it is Star Wars, count me in. Except this time make the Force Powers a bit more user friendly please.

CrAppleton3106d ago

Hell yeah! I'll take more star wars any day!

starven3106d ago

I still need to play the first game. I know people hated the controls, but I still want to give it a shot. I was so hopeful. Maybe the second game learned from the first.

antz11043106d ago

I just beat the first one on expert. Whew! This was the only time I experienced glitching (when I was fighting Proxy at the end, 3x's). Had its flaws, like combat and targeting, but I will gladly pick up the second. Great story line and throwing a stormtrooper into a passing tiefighter is EPIC.

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