Xbox 360 will plummet without price cut - Pachter

CVG: Many waiting for RRP reduction, says analyst

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Zir03106d ago

MS have played this gen very well indeed. With the kinect bundles and the slim MS can afford to do multiple pricecuts whenever they please without creating a loss.

I only see them cutting the price of the 360S's if demand significantly falls or the PS3 starts outselling it again.

Brewski0073106d ago

Seriously, stop approving Pachter quotes, so we can get back to the business of news we actually care about.

Cueil3106d ago

You mean the BS that is at the top of this page? Pachter's comments are news... some fanboy saying you have to buy two Kinects isn't news

King_of _the_Casuals3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

self deleted comment! =)

Bigpappy3106d ago

He said that COD must fees because he heard the see talk about fees. Now he is saying 360 needs a price cut. It is always nice for gamers to get a price cut, but the reallity is 360 is the hottest console right now, and is looking to stay that way going into the holidays unless Sony come up with something to change that momentum. M$ has Halo coming, and it looks like Kinect is set to do what they have been trying to do since launch of 360 (bring the casuals). M$ will not do a price cut untill well after the hollidays.

gamingisnotacrime3106d ago

it has been a headache of broken consoles, high price everything, pay for online gaming.
and they will never ever change

Sez 3106d ago

Are you speaking for yourself. Cause peoe I talk to that have a 360 never express that. Maybe that's just how you and alot of Sonyfan feel. Too bad it's not share by all MS consumers. Stop generalizing everyone with how you feel.

gamingisnotacrime3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

the only opinion in there would be the headache part, but for the rest of us who are not wearing green goggles the MS strategy sucks for the gamers and dont come here shting my profile with sony fanboy crap. check my post history, i like 360 games as much as the 360 extreme fanboy, but other than that the 360 overall has been a headache.

If the 360 were made by a more responsible company it would easily be on my favorite gadget lists, but MS is anything but

edit at below
yeah my PS3 fatso dies short of the 2 year anniversary with me. it trullyu sucked big time, and i had to fork over $300 which sucked even more. Sony repairs are a joke, or so i have read around here

MorganX3106d ago

All consoles fail. A friend who has sent their PS3 in for repair 4 times just bought a new one. Her old man was going to try and fix the dead blue diode but thought better of it.

The XBOX's was systemic and huge and lent itself to parody with the 3-rings.

Sez 3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

dude you whole statment is an opinion. as it pretain to how you feel about the headaches you are going throught with MS stategy. again your not speaking for everyone. no-one has elected you to speak on anyone behalf and if everyone felt the way you did about paying for live,HDD,ect. they wouldn't keep supporting it.but because they are mean maybe just maybe they like the service they are getting.

what i find funny about your whole argument is that you are basiclly generalizing costumer as a whole. like we all feel how you do. thats my point. as i said before the only people complaining about it is you and sonyfanboys. you know the people that don't own the system. i don't havea problem paying for live but you do and i'm sure there are other people that don't have a problem with paying for online. so again your speaking for yourself.

gamingisnotacrime3106d ago

RROD fiasco- proven fact
$100 WiFi adapter, $130 for 120GB HD- prove that 360 accessories are overpriced
online gaming only after paying for gold membership- is the only gaming platform that does this

If that is what you like then keep buying MS products is your choice

Sez 3106d ago

you still don't get it. if people don't want to spend on it they won't. no-one said RRoD was false so i fail to see why you brought it up. and the last time i checked getting RroD fixed was free. i've had my 360 for 4 years and never need a 120HDD because i store my game saves on it. so again the 120 HDD drive is not need unless you want the extra space. if you don't want to pay for live. go to PSN it's free. all this is called choices.

it's your choice if you want those thing. i rather have a wired connection then wifi because it's better.and as far a fiasco goes. sony went throught the same issues last gen. it's called DRE. i know because i was one of the people that went throught it 3 times. the bad thing about that was i had to come out my pocket. like MorganX said all consoles fail. stop picking and choosing who you want to hate and why when the other company had simillar problem last gen. ok

MorganX3106d ago

You're right about RROD and the accessory pricing. The HD and WiFi prices are over the top.

But you and others are wrong with regards to Live! It doesn't matter what other services do. Obviously those that pay the price of one game per year don't care. No other service is like Live! I just got my Elite repaired RROD and after about a year of going PS3 only, going back on Live is like going from the Stone Age (XMB-PSN) to outer space.

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J-Smith3106d ago

Pachter would plummet to his death LoL

Darkstorn3106d ago

I think the 360 sales will be drastically reduced come fall if they don't drop the price. The PS3 has some heavy hitters coming in autumn.

The Xbox Empire3106d ago

Darkstorn you are DREAMING bro. Numbers will speak for itself come this holiday season.

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yewles13106d ago

Oh NOW something positive happens to the 360. ROFL!!!

negative3106d ago

Oh here we go again with this clown. The 360 already won I'm not sure how it can plummet. Duh!

PimpHandHappy3106d ago

the battle of the HD console?


Odin7773106d ago

He wasn't talking about who was winning or losing he just made a statement (a pretty obvious one at that) saying xbox sales would decline if they stay at a fixed price for a prolonged amount of time. I would say that is true for any tech product.

MorganX3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I appears you read the article and understand. Good Job +1.

Edit: I think the Arcade model with Wireless-N for $199 will offset some of that, especially when people realize they can add 32G of cheap USB storage (2 x 16).

80G of my 99G used on my Elite (got replacement unit back from repair in 10 days with 1 month Live! for the trouble) was movies which I don't buy anymore. I stream and download on PC. So, a 36G machine is more than enough for most, especially those watching costs who wouldn't be buying a lot of online movie downloads anyway.

The Xbox Empire3106d ago

I think you mean 360 didnt lose....because we all know who lost. :)

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SmokeyMcBear3106d ago

Oh no.. this means that the 360 will overtake the wii in total sales!!! damn you patcher

siyrobbo3106d ago

mark this next to wiiHD and $50 kinect

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