HookedGamers preview - Arc Rise Fantasia

HookedGamers writes: "With more and more casual games coming out every day for the Wii, the hardcore audience has definitely been pushed aside. Ambitious and hardcore titles like Mad World and No More Heroes have their work cut out for them on a console were games like Carnival Party and i[]Imagine Babies dominate. Despite this, developers continue to push the boundaries for the Wii, using the revolutionary technology that made the Nintendo console so popular to begin with. Developer Imageepoch has decided to try and break through this casual barrier, and to great results. Imageepoch has roots grounded in the DS, where it has made several successful titles. Its new title, Arc Rise Fantasia, which is already out in Japan, is a step up in all aspects for the developer."

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PS360WII3012d ago

Even has summons :) Turn base combat is always a good thing. The devastation from those monsters in the beginning of the game sounds Chernobyl like 0.o