GameBlurb - Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

Gamers have long been wise to be wary when it comes to games based on movies. They’re often designed to appeal to the least common denominator and seemingly given a minimal amount of effort for the greatest return. Let’s see if Transformers: War for Cybertron follows this trend. Verdict:Money to Burn

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jaidek3193d ago

Nice review, this is one game that I have been really wanting to pick up. I just have sooo many others to play through at the moment. It is really tempting since it is on sale this week for $49.00.

I am really not sure why everyone is dogging the visuals, sure it is Unreal 3, but it really doesn't look that bad and is an improvement on the source material that is Transformers. I dig it.

liquidxtension3193d ago

yeah i guess your right! iono the visuals work for the game and I dont mind it using the Unreal engine either!

thekillerchrist3193d ago

yeah, based on what i've seen of the game in the past, the transformer design is pretty solid. not the overly complex techno orgy where you couldn't even recognize what each transformer turned into. that's something i personally liked about transformers. i could be like "that totally used to be a jet." although it doesn't really matter for this game since they're on cybertron and not trying to hide from anyone.

evildeli3193d ago

Gears of War is Unreal 3 and you can't possibly say Gears looks bad. I like the approach that was made with the visuals of this game. It pulls in a lot of the G1 feel without going the suckfest movie route. I like the new price of 49, but I was hoping it would hit 39 like Split/Second. I certainly have money to burn though. This one's on my list to buy.

Kuzo3193d ago

Please don't mention those movies around this game. We don't want the game to know there's crappy versions of transformers out there.

jaidek3193d ago

haha, yeah I agree. High Moon was wise to stay away from the Michael Bay feel for the game. You can actually tell what is happening on the screen!