New Screens: Legends and Killers

Ex: Check out some new screens below from the Legends & Killers Pack, and stay tuned for more details including the release date announcement and more.

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bgrundman3011d ago

I really wish I had the time or money to play this game...

Neco5123011d ago

Dude you are missing out if you haven't played this

bgrundman3011d ago

I will get to it eventually... I just need to save some money first.

CrAppleton3011d ago

You haven't played it? Oh man! Contender for best game of the year

Spenok3010d ago

You are missing out, big time.

CrAppleton3011d ago

Sweet! I can't wait to see more

MMFGaming3011d ago

Gah. Wish I hadn't traded mine in.

3011d ago
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