ExReview: Little League Baseball World Series 2010

Ex: The Little League World Series has previously been held on the Nintendo Wii and DS. Looking to broaden their horizons, Japanese developer NOW Production is stepping up to the plate to deliver the same anime styled experience to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Fans of the series will know exactly what to expect as the Mii-looking characters have returned and are ready to tear up the field once again.

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CrAppleton3194d ago

It's a shame there are so many camera issues

bgrundman3194d ago

Camera issues? In a baseball game, the camera should be smart enough to handle itself. I think I will just go back to playing MLB 10: The Show.

Neco5123194d ago

stick to the show, unless you've got kids

Queasy3194d ago

Yeah, definitely for the kids.

Neco5123194d ago

Kids will get a kick out of it I think. MLB fans? not so much

bgrundman3194d ago

WTF... it looks like a Wii game :-s

Jerk1203194d ago

It's about the gameplay, not the graphics. Did you not learn anything in Gamer School?

3194d ago
3194d ago
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