Bioshock Collector's Edition Revealed

In March of 2007, 2K and Irrational Games asked gamers what they wanted in the Collector's Edition of BioShock. Apparently, the Big Daddy figurine won out. The Collector's Edition is rumored to sell for close to $70.


Another news article reports that the "International" Collector’s Edition contains these bonuses:
-Limited edition embossed metal case packaging (must be heavy)
-"Making Of BioShock" DVD
-Soundtrack CD
-Hand-finished resin Big Daddy figurine

It is not confirmed if the North American (US and Canadian) Collector's Edition includes the exact same contents, but they should be the same.

The regular edition of an Xbox 360 game usually costs about $60. If the Collector's Edition is about $70 as rumored, then it will be an absolutely great bargain at only $10 more than the regular edition.

More Updates: Gaming Today reports the price of the Collector's Edition is $69.99.

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2tired2day2hate5158d ago

glad they actually listen to their customers/fans. i'm a huge halo fan but i think this game will beat it out in terms of impresseing people and it (imo) will get game of the year

ShiftyLookingCow5158d ago

this is the best collectors edition I have seen (SCDA was the cr*ppiest).

Jack Bauer5158d ago

hmmmm i might be going on tuesday to change to the CE.

ShiftyLookingCow5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

good idea for 10 bucks more, its worth it.

MK_Red5158d ago

Now thats hot. This game is perfect in every way. The gameplay, story and graphics themselves are among the best and now even the Collector's Editon is masterpiece for itself. Cant wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.