Crytek: We'd make PS3 exclusive

CVG: But Microsoft was best fit for Codename: Kingdoms, says studio

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HydraxFFx3062d ago

CVG: But Microsoft is the one paying us, says studio.

Poseidon3062d ago

do it crytek! you have an amazing machine to work with.

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palaeomerus3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

If by amazing you mean "not able to run Crysis"....sure.

Folks, Crytek will NOT be viewing EITHER of the HD consoles as a step up from the hardware they are used to working on.

wissam3062d ago

Is Crysis the only game in the world.

- Ghost of Sparta -3062d ago

And by "better fit" they mean Microsoft paid for it.

vsr3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

So I doubt it will be a good decision.

ChozenWoan3062d ago

.. don't believe me, just check the history of this console generation.

mikeslemonade3062d ago

They haven't been proven to be a top developer anyway. Sure they made a good looking game, but for the longest time no one could play it. Now they're trying to make a game on a system that has limits. I doubt it will get higher than an average of 8.5 ratings.

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timmyrulz3062d ago

Of course MS are paying them, but i bet you they are not spending as much money as it costs for Sony or Nintendo to makes games. Not only do they pay for the development of the game, they will have to pay for overheads, wages, corporate taxes, expenses etc.

Xfanboy3062d ago

how much did sony put into KZ2? 80 something million!!

Lord_Doggington3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

God we've went over this like a hundred times. It was about 45 million. And a 20 million marketing campaign.

stop using wikipedia as a legit reference

sikbeta3062d ago


You realize the Money Sony spent on the Game also went to Create the Proprietary Engine, right?

With that Engine they can make more games, you know, more game, you get that? like upcoming Games using the same Engine, so it's not like the money is lost cos it was used for developing just 1 Game, they can squeeze that Engine as much as they can creating More Proprietary Games for Sony, while MS spend money paying to a dev for make a game exclusive and by that MS don't receive anything more than a that, no proprietary engine to use in new games, no new IPs...

Karlnag33062d ago


sorry... it IS the internet.

Persistantthug3062d ago

Alot of people think when money for a brand new game or IP is spent, it only serves for 1 game or for 1 purpose....That is the thoughts of someone unable to see a much larger picture.

Sony's top teams like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule and Santa Monica aren't just making games....

They are developing new TECHNOLOGIES for Sony.

I gave you a bubble for your seemingly rare understanding of that, sikbeta.

Good job.

The Lazy One3062d ago


I was going to say the same thing :(

IcarusOne3062d ago

When are we going to see other games using these proprietary techs? I would love to see what other studios and genres can do with the KZ and UC engines.

N4g_null3061d ago

Icurasone you won't see too many other studios using that "proprietary engine". Yet you will see many using I'd tech 5 and 6 along with crytechs engine in the future. Another is this engine may not even work for the next ps system coming since the cell is not being upgraded at all any more.

On top of this ask jaff if he is using this engine lord knows he needs it, what about insoniac, the socom guys are using it right? No only kill zone 2 is using it hmmmm so Sony has 20 studios that don't seem to be sharing code or engines. Thus lots of money is wasted.

Money that could have been used to get a game like kingdom exclusive.

Sony is circling the wagons and they are just trying to stay relevant. They took a dead machine and brought it back to life. Yet it seems they are unable to get it to do what many think it should be doing.

We've had 3 years of the year of the ps3 and it's still 3rd. It showed motion controls that the casuals will not care about and the fanboys will ignore because analog stock are better to them any way. Yet new life is going to happen just because of move lol. After gt5 and the sequels ps3 will get stale.

Unless Sony can get other gamers liking their games. They need some new game play ips not just stories and graphics.

Persistantthug3061d ago

Not only is PS3 the 3rd fastest selling console in the ENTIRE HISTORY of video gaming,
But in this fiscal year, the PS3 (115 million units) outsold XBOX 360 (103 million units) in retail software sales as well.

Perhaps you also didn't get the memo, but GOD OF WAR 3 is the first game to ever use MLAA (an advanced Anti Aliasing processed by CPU), but this tech is being shared by Santa Monica Studios and is being implemented into LITTLE BIG PLANET 2 and KILLZONE 3.

I'd be willing to bet a pretty penny that INFAMOUS 2 uses it as well.

So You see, scissor_runner, Sony's studios DO in fact work together and share tech, and that is partially why PS3's games look better and are more advanced than any other console's games on the market today....the PINNACLE of console graphics tech in fact.

The other reason of course, is that the PS3 is simply more powerful than any other console as well.

I'm only mentioning all of this to you scissor_runner, because it seems as if you may have missed quite a few memos. :)

I'll PM you so hopefully you don't miss this and perhaps you may respond.
Take care, scissor_runner.

N4g_null3060d ago

Thanks mister thug. Yay Sony studios is using a possible industry standard. Ok where is the real time surface scattering effects, particle memory optimizations, geometry culling so you know you can get more frames.

I don't read memos I deal with standards and pr are people do memos. I guess this would include fanboys also yet I digress. How does a substandard way of doing antialiasing account for 20-40 million dollars worth of engine that still does not have the main features of crytek or I'd tech 5. On top of this if the ps3 was so powerful why does it always get bad ports? You can say people don't know how to use it yet you are only revealing the fact that you have to code to it's strengths which reveals that it can not simply do some things for various reasons.

When next gen comes and the ps3 is truely long in the teeth your probaly still be saying the same thing.

On top of this you can not even understand how fragile the preception of the cells power is. This will end up hurting the ps3 and when going back to this system over the years the low frame rates will be the reason why many will dump it.

This is also a sign that the hardware has hit a limit.

I'm sure you won't read any of this and your going to just shrung it off. That's fine and that is and will be the reason why many will grow unhappy with the ps3 and it's wasted potiential.

Gamers may not move on but the industry will. If you notice more and more games want to push graphics and ai with no compromises. Even you guys have to admit there are a lot of compromises done for ps3 games.

Oh yeah so what is the next game that will guarantee the ps3 becomes number two over the xbox because they are running low.

I wish crytek well and maybe this will be a mw2 moment where the Internet was totally out of touch with the hardcore base.

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Xfanboy3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I'd throw out my Ps3 if MS payed me well..

Then buy a mansion and a wife..

oh and one of these!!

HydraxFFx3062d ago

I'm getting a dog today!
It's a Shitpoo.

pixelsword3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Just buy a second home stocked with what they don't want you to have.

Including tha' puppeh.

Garnett3062d ago

1. where does it say MS paid them?

2. even if MS did so what? Sony does the same thing with namco...

HydraxFFx3062d ago

1) It doesn't say Microsoft paid them, but if you have another reason why Crytek would pass up more money with a PS3 release, I would love to hear it.

2) This isn't about Microsoft paying them, it is about Crytek lying and saying the reason is because Microsoft was best fit for the game when the real reason is that Microsoft paid them.

The Lazy One3062d ago

The reason is in the article. They wanted to see what they could do when they're confined to specific hardware with first party publisher support.

Obviously whoever they'd do it for (Sony, M$, Nintendo, Someone else) would pay them for it, it only makes sense for someone of their caliber.

Garnett3062d ago

1. Lets see it could be because they wanted to use the superior Xbox Live network? Or it could be because they wanted to test the 360 which no other developer has done, or it could be because they KNOW their game will sell well on Xbox. These are just some reason, there are many more...

2. Your saying a shoot game would sell better on PS3? You know your wrong if you say yes, they dont call Xbox "shooterbox" for no reason. Look at the disappointing sales of Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and other exclusive games, they KNOW that PS3 games barely buy games...

Sarevok3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

You forgot mw2 sales...err wait it had great ps3 sales nvm.


Garnett3062d ago


Except its multiplatform, and more people play it on 360.

The PS3 just isn't good for FPS.

Darth_Bane793062d ago

How is it not good for FPS? Because of quantity? or quality? plz explain

elpresador3062d ago

...the PS3 doesnt really have any exclusive FPS games that are that good. KZ2 is decent but it is all eye candy, other than that not much going for it. I mean you have the resistance series which is meh at best, killzone, meh, haze CRAP and, well, I think those are the only 3 exclusive fps games they have and lets face it, the 360 is nown mainly as an FOS machine.

Also, the only FPS game tat is multi that sells well is COD series, though that could change with MOH and crysis, but lets be real, much like a final fantasy game will always sell better on te ps3, any multi fps will sell a lot better on the 360.

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wages of sin3062d ago

That Sony would never pay for an exclusive or DLC, nothing like that. They just buy up companies and make them first party. That's the way you do it. Buy them, own them and make your fanboys say how awesome you are because just like any other company, you do what's best for your business.

What a bunch of haters.

According to the article, they have been in talks about this with Microsoft for several years (five I believe he said) so this should be interesting to see how it turns out.

darkziosj3062d ago

money that's all, microsoft know the 360 need more exclusives like every console and they do what they need to do, also most of you take a look at your O.S, it says windows? more money for them, and they have a lot more to spare so i see more games like this coming

Imperator3062d ago

Unless it's an FPS, I don't see how this fits with the 360.

muzikjunkie803062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

wow like the ps3 has no fps or shooters? heres a list

killzone 2
killzone 3
resistance 1+2
unreal tournament 3
fear 1+2 oh and 3 when its released
call of duty 3, mw,mw2,waw and black ops
rainbows six vegas 1+2
battlefield bad company 1+2
medal of honor airborne
drakes fortune
uncharted 2
socom 4

thats to name a few so i would say both the ps3 and 360 have equal amount of shooters fps games on their system. and ppl need to stop with all this microsoft paid developers b/s like sony dont pay developers? then why do they make exclusive games? for free???

N4g_null3060d ago

You know that list sort of sucks.

Darkstorn3062d ago

Now THAT would have good graphics. A Crytek game made exclusively on the PS3.

Pistolero3062d ago

naw...a Crystek game made exclusively on the that would look amazing.

Gears 3 already beats anything i have seen on the ps3.....most likely the Crytek game will too.

Hanif-8763062d ago

As a company your looking out for your company's best interest "How to be most profitable" and if Microsoft is paying the most, then why wouldn't you from a business standpoint. After-all, its all about making money.

Shepherd 2143062d ago

Crytek struck a deal with Microsoft for an exclusive. They are talking about striking a deal with Sony in the future for one too. What is wrong with this?

Crytek is not owned by Sony, so even if they never made an exclusive for MS, they would still have a money deal with Sony, quite similar to what they are doing with MS at the moment. Thats how the business works if there are no first party studios involved.

Whats wrong with you today?

XactGamer3062d ago

@PS3 fanboys... is Sony broke? Didn't Sony do this same thing to Sega? Sony spends money just like MS, how is it you think Sony got so many first party studios? Some of those Sony first party studio's once belonged to Sega and Nintendo. How did Sony get their hands on those? uh... they wrote a big fat check. Stop acting as if one cooperation greed is more holier than thou... hypocrites.

On topic: I would prefer Crytek stick to PC where the games are far superior, console owners are just tourist. Thankfully I'll be able to play their games no matter the system.

Crazyglues3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Get behind Crysis 2 because the game is looking amazing, and all signs point to this one being a huge seller...

Sony could work a deal for Exclusive Maps and Down-loadable Content..

Or something Really cool like a PS3 exclusive- Collectors (Maximum Armor Edition) - which would sell for $100 bucks and come in a Glass box Look(really hard plastic, but looks like Glass) with a Crysis 2 Main Character Custom-Figure

With A Custom- PS3 Controller, and extra download perks, like special weapons & a Blu-ray of the making of the game.

If they can make a 12inches tall War Machine from Iron Man 2 surely we can get a Crysis-Figure.. -


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StitchJones3062d ago

No they won't, what a bunch of lip service. They need to maximize their profits. hence why Crysis 2 is being made for 360 and PS3 along with the PC version. Stop blowing smoke EA/Crytek.

siyrobbo3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Whats EA got to do with anything? They have nothing to do with kingdoms at all, its being published by MGS

Crytek are an independent company, they only have a publishing deal with EA partners, they are not owned by EA (much like VALVE, RESPAWN and INSOMNIAC, and what bungie is now to activision)

If sony were to publish there's nothing stopping crytek making something for PS3, who knows they probably have a deal that they haven't announced yet

badz1493062d ago

the thing between AV and Bungie is somewhat different. EA partners sign by games, but Bungie signed by contract years which in their case is 10 years! EA partners, don't.

siyrobbo3062d ago

bungies contract is only for one new IP, they could still make another game for who-ever they want within those 10 years

orange-skittle3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Absolutely. Crytek wants to maximize it's profit and that's why they developed the cry engine 2, so that they could start making multiplatform games. The decision came after the GTA4 numbers came in. Before then, Crytek was saying that they had no interest in making console games and how they would never bring Crysis to consoles. I guess shareholders had other ideas. PC gaming doesn't line your pocket as much as console gaming does if you don't have a paid monthly subscription like WoW. The install base is higher and the market grows bigger every year. You don't see kids in GameStop asking for computer games or parents wrapping PC games at christmas time.

Vojkan3062d ago

"We bloody bet they did. That trailer - as if you needed reminding - looks ace." - actually it looks lame - it some live action nonsense with lame speach.

NeutralGamer3062d ago

The trailer looks cool but "your ps3 glasses wont let you see it"

Sounds familiar?

VideoGameJimmy3062d ago

You must enjoy Microsoft exclusive trailers huh? All the live-action jazz to overhype a game? Remember Halo 3:ODST?

The Lazy One3062d ago

What does it matter if it's live action or not? It had just as much gameplay as the Killzone 3 teaser.

It's an announcement teaser. What were you expecting? A lot of announcement teasers don't even have action, it's some guy giving a monologue in the background before it eventually shows some logo that lets you know what the game is.

Baka-akaB3062d ago

i dont see how you can tell weither it sucks or it's good . It showed nothing but actor doing very little .

I'm sure it will be good and impressive , but we've got nothing besides the announcement right now

nycredude3062d ago

Way to contradict yourself..

NeutralGamer3062d ago

I didnt tell if its "good or sucked" i just said it looked cool...

Also ur contradicting your self a bit:

"i dont see how you can tell weither it sucks or it's good"
"I'm sure it will be good and impressive, but..."

Baka-akaB3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

not really , there is nothing relevant to gameplay so far , so i dont see how some get so excited over a bunch of live guys in costumes .

But given Crytek's experience and past game , who believes it will be crap ?

R0me3062d ago

I waited for Kratos to come and smash these 3 guys away with chaos blades.

oldjadedgamer3062d ago

Since no one reads articles, I'll give a summary.

Crytek: We wanted to work with MS, so we are. We also think Sony and Nintendo and great companies. If thinks work out in the future, we would definitely love to work with Sony. Kingdoms was just a good fit for MS.

My only question is what makes Kingdoms such a good fit? Or was it just because MS has be "courting" Crytek for longer?

Vojkan3062d ago

Its about money so what? Do you work for free? If you do give me your number i have really fun job for you

Montrealien3062d ago

where does it say it is about money? I love how many people here like to flash around the fact the MS has money so they buy exclusives and such. But there is zero proof of that, I mean, in a day and age where everything is leaked in advance and there are next to no secrets, you would think that someone would of said something like...

"These guys with sunglasses and a few briefcases came into out offices last night and went into the office to speak with our boss"

signed - Anonymous.

/on topic

I hope they do make games on more platforms, they are a great studio. And All current consoles are great.

oldjadedgamer3062d ago


I have no idea what your reply was a response to...

MS "courting" Crytek could mean many things, not just throwing money at them

Christopher3062d ago

As I said below, it likely fills a whole in Microsoft's exclusive line-up that has no other competition. The PS3's lineup covers a lot of ground when it comes to genres and would result in comparison to existing IPs that have done very well.

If I were to go to Sony for an exclusive, I'd consider creating the first WRPG IP for them. That way I'd have no competition internally in that regard and would be expanding their genre capabilities and would lead to additional support from Sony because of that.

jetlian3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

MS and sony have the genre's covered. so not sure what your talking about

Christopher3062d ago

@Jetlian: If you break them down to just shooter, action, RPG, and platformer/puzzler, yeah, they got them covered. But, we are a much more diverse gaming group now.

So, someone who comes in and offers to make a game to compete against a game that Sony has - God of War, inFamous, Heavy Rain, LBP, and so on - won't have any internal conflicts. Not the same when it comes to shooters.

Sony's first/second-party portfolio is much more diverse than Microsoft's, so it's easier to fill in a hole.

jetlian3062d ago

games like banjo,crackdown,nnn1/2 viva pinyata fall into these areas oh yea halo wars rts

infamous is a shooter, lbp is a platformer. gow is a action adventure,

heavy rain is the only semi exception

GiggMan3062d ago

What makes Kingdoms such a good fit?

"All of them have their strengths and weaknesses, and luckily our strengths are almost always complementary to their weaknesses."

Cryteks strengths is graphics, MS weakness is.....

*Honestly people I kid, I kid.*

bjornbear3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

whereas ps3 has demon's souls, GOWIII and so on, thus it would probably easier to make it succeed as an exclusive.

that, or what brohuffman said.

MS just needs exclusive, but can't be assed to buy first party devs so shower crytek with money since crytek are the only company that will be able to raise the bar of a 360 exclusive (which hasn't been risen since GeoW2)

cgoodno and giggman - only read your comments now - basically what i said xD

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