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Sanii Mandred: Clash of The Titans Game Review and Gameplay For Xbox 360 / PS3. The Clash of The Titans Movie has been out for several months now but the game only just came out recently. Because of this, I thought that maybe they had spent some extra time perfecting the game so it isn't the same old movie-trash-games that we usually get. Well the game is by no means perfect, but it isn't too horrible either.

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player-13062d ago

Wow 3 months after the movie they finally decide to release the game. This is Madness!! Wait wrong movie..

AliTheBrit193061d ago

...THIS - IS - SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

3062d ago
sikbeta3062d ago

AH!!! I fell in the same trap again, Stop with the disturbing pictures and more respect to Chuck Norris and Mr T <- WTF!?

Lykon3062d ago

that pic is of interacial homosexual man love lol...

Hellsvacancy3062d ago

Awful game, i rented it, played it for 3 hours (not in 2 go) soon sent it back

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