IGN Preview FIFA 11

IGN keep us up to date with yet another preview of this years FIFA game, FIFA 11.

IGN write, "We hate FIFA's dev team; every year we write about how they've perfected virtual football, how each new iteration of the series is the best yet, and then every year they go and trump themselves spectacularly, leaving us looking rather stupid in the process."

This year looks to be no different.

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nikebee3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I can't wait for this years FIFA. I know it comes under EA's umbrella of GENERIC SPORT IN CAPS 2011, but there's something about FIFA games that I means I just can't stop playing them.

I just hope PES brings it's A-Game this year, as it's been pretty stale for a few years now.

tortrix3007d ago

Yet another game released annually to capitalise on an established concept.

mivanc3007d ago

The last game I bought in the FIFA series was ... a long time ago. 2006 I think ...

I bought FIFA 10 for my PSP and its proving to be a great time waster on long bus rides to and from work.

I don't see the point in buying sports games every year.

I'm thinking I'm due for a baseball game however. The last one I bought was on my Sega Genesis in 1994 !!!

3007d ago