No Move for Motorstorm Apocalypse explained

CVG: "Game director Matt Southern explained the preference of 3D over Move for Apocalypse on the EU PlayStation Blog:

"We decided we'd either focus on Move or 3D, and in the end decided that 3D would be a bigger win for us. We'll still support Sixaxis controls for more 'haptic' interaction," he said.

"We've had Move controllers in the studio for a while though and they're fantastic. I'm excited about the idea of family games with decent production values and a bit of depth."

We're not too hot on the family games but the choice of 3D over motion control in a game like Motorstorm Apocalypse is certainly the right one in our eyes."

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TrevorPhillips3011d ago

He's got a valid point there.

dj555555553011d ago

The shouldn’t have to explain themselves, how would move benefit a driving game?

Gmarino3011d ago

I guess Motorstorm could use 3D more than Move...too bad though. PSMove I'm definitely going to own. 3DTV I probably won't...I don't have a spare £1900 on me.

Mr Tretton3011d ago

I should be a given that Move doesn't make sense with driving games.

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