Why Halo: Reach Won’t Revolutionise The FPS… And Doesn’t Need To

NowGamer: It’s always difficult when a game like Bungie’s latest comes along. As anyone who has spent even the briefest of time trawling through N4G’s flame-baiting fanboy forums will know… attack someone’s favourite game and your life could be in danger, or at the very least your self esteem. It’s a shame too, as it removes the opportunity for intelligent debate, something videogames often inspire.

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Shadow Flare3062d ago

So Halo Reach doesn't need to revolutionise FPS's because theyre trying to perfect their own halo game in their own way. FREE PASS

Call of Duty - Doesn't revolutionise FPS's. They're just trying to improve on their previous iterations - FREE PASS

Killzone 2 - Doesn't revolutionise FPS's? - GETS SLAMMED

Someone explain that to me

The Meerkat3062d ago


Halo is Fun
Call Of Duty is Fun
Killzone 2 is not as fun.

Cold 20003062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Damn why are you PS3 guys ALWAYS so sour ??

KZ2 is AAA, 91 or 92 on meta I think. It just pisses you off that it didnt score better than Halo 3 or COD. You just wanted it for bragging rights.

I know its all personal and stuff but come on Halo is a whole lot more fun for most people out there than KZ.

But anyway, even if it had scored 96 on meta and Halo 3 a 97 you would still be all butthurt.

Just accept that some games arent PS3 exclusive and still score better, I know its hard to swallow for people like you because you believe your own BS propaganda you make up on this site but thats how it is.

Deal with it...and STOP CRYING for heavens sake!! You guys have been crying for FIVE years now. Time to give it up and just be happy with your PS3!

R0me3062d ago

I think BF:BC 2 is more fun than halo/kz2/cod and it is multiplat. My opinion, live with it.

PS360_373062d ago

Its not my opinion that Halo 3 currently has more online players than Kz2...and when did KZ2 come out?

IF the game was "OMG SO FUN," online multiplayer wouldn't almost be extinct.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3062d ago

It is still an *opinion* what you're looking at is *popularity* because last generation "Psychonauts" was a good game, but not popular. Contrary to the game "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing" was not *popular* because the game was broken, not for the fact of the execution of the idea.

Even though "The Meerkat" is stating an *opinion* as facts, it's still an opinion. People in general don't like change, just look at racism still existing to this day because people just look different.

The same idea is here most people *don't like* Killzone 2 is for the execution of the controls that makes it different from most. What's ironic is that the original revolutionize console shooters, so in other words Halo: Reach should do the same not the reverse.

Cenobia3062d ago

Meta score has nothing to do with an individuals personal opinion.

Halo is MS' flagship title. Like 90% of people that own an xbox just purchased it because of that IP. My response to "more people play Halo" is that MS needs to make some more god dam games.

All games should be trying to revolutionize. Killzone added a cover system which I thought worked well. The game was better for having tried something new. Reach, and every other game should at least attempt to do something new.

ZombieAutopsy3062d ago

Cold just shut your mouth and go play with your barbies.

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oldjadedgamer3062d ago

People don't care about gameplay or fun here, just about sales.

Poseidon3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

us ps3 gamers are not sour, we tell it like it is, killzone 2 is an amazing game, and give up what? goty's?, amazing games? its people like you who make Sour comments regarding every ps3 game and expect everyone to agree with you, and thats just not going to happen.

PS360_373062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

So I LOVE Halo and I LOVE KZ2. Since I am such a bad gamer and only care about sales, what does that say about KZ2.

Play games, not consoles, you troll.

oldjadedgamer3062d ago

Troll? Haha try again.

Just because I point out what everyone knows. 95% of people come to N4G to bash the system they don't have. Discussion about anything is impossible on this site, because for some reason fans take sales personally.

If don't think most people on this site care more about rankings, reviews, and sales than enjoying games - open your eyes.

ECM0NEY3062d ago

IMO bc the Dualshock 3 sucks for shooters.

Johnny Rotten3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Shooters only suck if your forced to use the R2/L2 buttons(I much prefer using the R1/L1 shoulder buttons) , but I just recently bought some triggers and rubber nubs for $3.50 on ebay and it feels a whole lot better!

Kurt Russell3062d ago

the placement of the analogues don't work for me too well. My hands are too big I guess. That and KZ2's controls were shocking, I much prefer Resistance 2... But Halo 3 beats all so far for hours played.

FragMnTagM3062d ago

besides the triggers, (fixed that with the add on things) is that I don't play with the tips of my thumbs. I play with the first bend of my thumb on the joysticks. It is just more comfortable for me and I am far more accurate.

With the DS3, I sometimes smack my thumbs together and it often means getting killed becase of it. If they would offset the sticks, or move them apart a little for people like me and make the triggers concave instead of convex, I would say the DS3 is the best controller ever.

I want a mix of the 360 and DS3. The only think I hate about the 360 pad is no pressure sensitivity for face buttons, and the Dpad.

I wouldn't say the DS3 'sucks' for shooters, it is just not practical for all players.

edhe3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Because modern warfare and halo already evolved the genre - killzone didn't.

MAG was more evolutionary

thief3062d ago

The point here is not sales or scores. The point is, KZ2 got nitpicked to death (as did Ratchet and Resistance 2) for not being "innovative" - although these games actually introduced more new or fresh concepts than CoD MW2 or Halo 3.

Kurt Russell3062d ago

What would those concept be for KZ2? An over use of lens flair doesn't count... It couldn't have been much more generic.

I agree that Resistance 2 had a lot more depth than I would originally expected from it... But it was still a tried and tested genre. Halo 3 brought a hell of a lot of innovation to the console genre though... using forge, uploading and sharing vids and screen shots for boasting rights - creating your own game types leading to things like griffball, rocket race etc. There is a reason it stood the test of time where others died off.

otherZinc3062d ago

Did any of you see it?
Absolutely Amazing!
And what other console game does this?

Halo always ups the anti, unlike any other game made.
And when you disagree, give a game that does what Halo:Reach is doing?

FragMnTagM3062d ago

Bungie gives gamers what they want as they read their forums and implement the best ideas from the community, that is what a great game is. Forge World is definitely what the community wanted. Bungie is delivering.

If it wasn't for forge mode, filesharing, and being able to download Bungie's favorite picks of game types and forge variants, it would have diead off quite some time ago. It keeps it fresh. I play Halo a couple times a month and everytime I do there is almost always something new to do.

If people can't understand this, well I feel sorry for them. There is not another game or shooter for that matter that does this on consoles.

Valve does it on PC and that is why they are so successful with things like how Alien Swarm is going to turn out. The community is going to put into that game what gamers want and it will be better because of it.

Bnet3433062d ago

All I have to say is Forge World and Versus Firefight.

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ZombieAutopsy3062d ago

Why do all these "journalists" always refer to N4G in a negative way but yet most likely post their stuff on here.

MariaHelFutura3062d ago

Funny, huh? People are interesting creatures.

mrv3213062d ago

'N4G sucks, but generates advertising so we make flaimbate titles and review scores to increase out adverts.'

Journalists are usually the biggest trolls, remember the Prototype vs inFamous... how they'd mention those two games in each review and attempt to compare despite being two entirely different games.

And that is why GIANTBOMB is awesome, rad and for the most part kinda weird ( Megatron on Megatron action FTW )

gypsygib3062d ago

the 360 isn't good enough for Halo, put it on PC with Crysis graphics and it would be a masterpiece. The Halo world is never very immersive because the graphics are lacking terribly. Gameplay is fun though.

FragMnTagM3062d ago

But I would damn sure love to see what the modding community could do with it on the PC though. I think we would need another word other than epic...

webeblazing3062d ago

i truthfully doubt alot of pc gamers would care they get better thing then that. farcry2 had a map editor console gamers didnt really care. i give bungie props for puttin more in this game

The real killer3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Killzone 2 is for HARDCORE gamers.

I get a diagree's becouse COD/Halo gamers cannot play with Killzone 2 becouse it's to difficult to aim, disagree clickers are nothing more than a NOOB and no hardcore gamer at all, only they can complain about the controles!!!!

Thrillhouse3062d ago

Killzone 2, hardcore? Try Quake or CS.

hamoor3062d ago

A control that sucks doesn't mean hardcore

HydraxFFx3062d ago

Forge world. The most revolutionary thing in any FPS this generation, that and 256 players in one game.

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