Have we a God Of War 3 beater on our hands?

CVG's Tim Ingham: "For those that love the shiny, it's incomparable - a mesmerising pendulous locket of a title that really rams home the 'Only On PS3' message Sony craves for you to believe in.

But now, finally, it appears Sony Santa Monica's opus may finally have a very real rival - and from a most unlikely series.

Castlevania's previous forays into the world of 3D haven't exactly screamed 'spectacular'. But with Mercury Steam's Lords Of Shadow, Konami appears to have something a little bit special on its hands."

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Duke Spookem3195d ago

God of War 3 is far better than Lords of Shadow. After all, Lords of Shadow is by the same team that made Clive Barker's: Jericho.

Also, I thought this was a HHG article.

HorsePowerr3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

lol this is Dante's Inferno all over again.
God of War 3 puts both of them to shame.

HammockGames3195d ago

GoW3 is epic. It's proven to be simply an amazing game.

Lord of Shadows has great potential - but to this point it's proven nothing. I'm encouraged with Kojima Productions involvement, but I'm still cautiously optimistic here. Past 3D Castlevania games have been mostly underwhelming up to now.

Plenty of other games have had "potential" that turned out to be nothing but average or even bad games. I doubt I need to make a list for that - the hack 'n slash genera is ripe this them.

I believe the latest game released that originally received the "GoW beater" moniker was 99 Nights 2. How'd that one turn out again?

Vojkan3195d ago

only people that havent played GOW3 can say something like this. One of most talented teams in the industry + 44 million budget, quality and difference in quality was so obvious.
Yeah sure Dantes Inferno was better or was going to be better according to these people...

Kurt Russell3195d ago

It's not out yet... So time will tell. Seems just as ridiculous/fanboy to say it can't beat GOW3. Seems unfair, and damn fucking stupid to not wait and see.

brazilianbumpincher3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

yet people dont realise,watch all their articles from now on,they tend to lean towards more of ' a bash ps3' vibe, but they are always flamebait

remember and keep track

R0me3195d ago

These "This game looks like Uncharted 2" and "God of War 3 has a rival" topics must stop.

Just show the game, but dont make silly comparisons, which show that the game isnt that good.

TheGamer3194d ago

is all I have to say. I mean to beat GOW you need

- One of the greatest stories of all time
- One of the greatest action game of all time
- One of the best characters ever seen in a video game
- One of the best graphics ever seen in a video game
- And one of the only titles that keeps getting better & better with each installment GOW1 > GOW2 > GOW3

So yes keep dreaming. Kratos can never be dethroned!!!! Maybe a new GOW game might but I don't see any other game in the same genre doing it for a long long time.

Gamerbee3194d ago

I stopped reading at "

For or those that love the shiny, it's incomparable - a mesmerising pendulous locket of a title that really rams home the 'Only On PS3' message Sony craves for you to believe in."

Clearly this boy is bitter. I'd be bitter to if I couldnt play God of War. Or have a PS3 for that matter.

Darrius Cole3194d ago

Yes, a multi-plat hack-n-slash game that is better than GOW3, and I'll play it as I ride my unicorn to utopia. For the few of you who couldn't tell, that was obvious sarcasm.

ExplosionSauce3194d ago

You dare defy the God of War!?

Lord of Shadows might not be at the same level as GOW, but it will be a good game(hopefully).

sikbeta3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )


God of War III is THE BEAST, no one has the chance to compare any game with This Epic Beast...

Dee_913194d ago

i thought this was a GOW4 article

N4g_null3194d ago

Keep this up and 3rd parties will abandon the ps3. Stop acting like exclusives are holy than thou lol.

Sure the games are good but you guys do realize you are becoming part of the problem.

Is it possible ms is paying fanboys to hype up the ps3 to levels where even 3rd parties feel like even an exclusive is not good enough and multiplatforms are just ignored?

If this is true then ms has the scariest marketeers ever because it is almost working look at those game sales.

Oh yeah politically correct/
Ps3 rocks.

I've never seen gamers turned against 3rd parties so effectively. True you should get the most out of a machine. Yet what is the reward? Any one got any profit sheets to show, no one cares about units sold if your code team is too expensive.

Lich1203194d ago

Im just curious, and Im not even touching on whether or not GoW3 looks or plays better (because I haven't played this game). But, how is the story for the GoW series one of the greatest of all time? I guess if you're taking into account that ancient greek mythology was riddled with great tales then yes, but I'm not sure their writers can take credit for something the Greeks did. Also, this isn't a knock, because I love GoW's setting (how could you not), but I don't think the games strongest point is its own story, rather that it puts you in a place for which we all know stories about.

ExplosionSauce3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

That's not the case. It's these dumb comparisons than bring up these sort of arguments.
Both multiplats and exclusives can be great. Just don't mess with exclusives like this.
Also don't act like this is not the case with 360 gamers and exclusives either.

Why are you bringing that up? You're trying a little to hard to make it sound like the GOW story is completely unoriginal.
Let's put it this way, GOW's story cannot be found in Greek mythology, most of the events that happen throughout the game series does not happen in the myth.
What Sony did was create a story based on Greek mythology, but they did not take a story from Greek myth.
Now, it sounds like what you are trying to do is take credit from the devs here. Let's hope that isn't the case.

Lich1203193d ago


I didn't say it had a bad story. But it really boils down to the structure of any epic (again not a knock) what makes it good is that its an epic that takes place in a setting so well realized from our past. However, personally Im not prepared to put it in the realm of "greatest" narrative.

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Hanif-8763195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Dude look at those screenshots it doesn't even look better than Devil May cry 4 let alone the stunning God Of War 3

God Of War 3:

VS this crap are they insane!


gtamike3195d ago

God Of War 3 is the best out of the games that try to copy but they fail.

Jdoki3195d ago

@Kingdom Come

Cus on PS3 we often get the best of both worlds... GoW3 looks amazing, and plays amazing, and the story is OK too.

All this preview says is that the graphics are OK, and it's obviously inspired by GoW... no mention of any aspect of the demo exceeding anything in GoW3

So although I agree that there is a reliance on graphics = quality when it comes to PS3 fans(in the same way that sales = quality for the 360 fans) - nothing about this game so far has made me think it'll be better than GoW3 (which in itself isn't as good as GoW1)

cmrbe3195d ago

You love a game that plays well. Funny seeing that you must be a Gears fan. Have they fixed Gears 2 online yet?. lol!.

Jdoki3195d ago

Lol Kingdom.

Clutching at straws! All you can come back with is one multi-plat and an exlcusive running on a multi-plat game engine! - neither of which have launched.

All platforms have good looking games. That's not in doubt. Gears is one of my fave series, but lets not kid ourselves here - it's more artistic merit than technical prowess.

Did you not read down to the bottom of the link you posted about Rage?... Sounded to me like they were working hard to get both console versions comparable.

Weak argument dude.

wages of sin3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Yeah, they fixed Gears a long, long, long time ago. Where have you been? Stuck on n4g hating all day?

God of War 3 is just like like pretty much every PS3 AAA guarenteed, super star exclusive that was supposed to move massive amounts of hardware. Overrated and "god like" in the minds of the SDF. The only exception imo, is MGS4. That's a PS3 game that lives up to the hype.
The rest are great games but no where near the nob slobbing that goes on here. However, it's n4g.

StbI9903194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Wages of jelously much? lately these xbox fans are going into a rampage...

Really? first alan wake would destroy heavy rain, then just cause or what not would destroy uncharted 2, then bayonetta or dante inferno ...GoW 3...then dante is better than kratos, now it is castlervania, can you bring any hack and lash that is an EXCLUSIVE TO XBOX as good as GoW series? don't tell me, ONE MILLION TRUPPPESS...or or TOO HUMAN...not saying these games are bad but dude...

Is it so hard to recognize how great are these solid exclusive without needing to blind yourself in fanboyism like mister kingdom is showing to the point of jumping to the invecile party with some weak trolling argument or comparing sht? oh you!

Above, you don't like N4G?

I dedicate this to you and so whoever don't...

Heisenberg3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Nobody's judging the game based on the graphics, they're just judging the graphics, which ARE one of the most important aspects of a videogame... You know, seeing as video games consist of interacting with VISUALS, of coarse they're important. If they weren't, why would we bother with new consoles? People who pretend graphics don't matter are simply wrong.

That doesn't mean we can't enjoy games that don't have great graphics of coarse, it just means those games are great for different reasons.

TheXgamerLive3194d ago

gow3 is the most linear game ever, so looks good or not it's super liner, super tight, dante's inferno is even better, but the new castlevanis is not linear it's quite open and has so many features it blows clod3 out of the water, but only a sony wannabe would say different.

WildArmed3194d ago

yeah because Danate's inferno ,Bayonetta ,Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry weren't linear at all.
wow, really running of things to bitch about aren't we?

I guess some people just can't grasp the fact that the 'other' console has a great exclusive game..

Skizelli3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Do any of you see yourselves when you argue about video games? Too bad you can't take any of it with you when you die. Play what you like and shut the fuck up already.

Lykon3194d ago

no it doesn't look as good graphically as gow3 but it does look better than devil may cry 4

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Poseidon3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

aint no mountain high enough, aint no valley low enough, aint no river wide enough.

Snoogins3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

NO! WarDevil is the once and future God of War killer!
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I couldn't resist bringing up that vaporware pile of shit.

Anyway, I think MercuryStream will really redeem themselves with this title. Has high production value, a gorgeous engine and the guidance of Kojima. Castlevania is in desperate need of a reboot as the games have been terrible despite the SotN clones on the handhelds. God of War killer? Maybe, maybe not. The hack-n-slash genre has plenty of room for more competition. I'm looking forward to this game.

Christopher3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

1. Nothing is going to 'kill' GoW, just like how GoW didn't 'kill' Bayonetta or Dante's Inferno. They can all exist at the same time. Sure, people prefer one over the other, but that's not 'killing' anything. Even worse is when the 'killing' is done based solely on graphics and not gameplay.

2. I cry a bit each time these type of articles are posted. Flame bait, hit demanding, fanboy cuddling, articles that truly want to boost one game by comparing it to the crème de la crème of the genre. They truly do nothing for the gaming community other than encourage more idiotic fanboy posts, as you can see above.

DigitalAnalog3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

1. It should stay CLEAR away from the Graphics an SCALE area. <-- mental note

2. Make Boss Fights more intense, I've heard the game make you fight enemies as big as Ares "a-la" SOTC style with steroids. This is something that even GOWIII should've put more emphasis on, especially on Kronos or the Gods' fights. Turns out, more of the resources are dedicated to scale but not on battle sequences. If David Jaffe was in the project, I'm pretty sure it would've been a very different game altogether.

3. Story-telling. Bring us to really relate with the characters. With Kojima assisting, we should have a series of rich, memorable and colorful characters.

4. Clever-based environments. A lot more variety and a lot more immersive. GOWIII lacked the magic 1 & 2 brought to the table. The departure of Jaffe and Balrog really impacted this game it's amazing Stig could still bring a solid game to the table.

5. Engaging, fun and nostalgia (and easter eggs) may prove an even bigger advantage.

With that being said, that's how this game would "beater" GOWIII In.My.Opinion.

-End statement

SeanScythe3195d ago

Someone didn't play GOW3..... Everything you said is a lie. The Boss fights in GOW3 are matched by none.
Story was very well done.
GOW3 brought you into the game making you care and try to save Pandoria at the same time wanting to Rip the head off all the gods that get in your way.

Of chorse if Jaffe made the game it would have been different that can be said on any game.

The only game that can be put on the same level as GOW3 is Uncharted 2.

Not once when I played GOW3 did the fights feel repetive or borring.

MorganX3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Go figure, I actually agree with most of what you said. I guess I haven't played it either.

DigitalAnalog3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Where exactly did I lie? Please point that out for me. Only 1 comment was dedicated to GOWIII and that was only about fight scenes.

The rest of your comment is just plain ignorance, nothing you said has anything to do with what I pointed out earlier, in fact most of my comments are re-directed to points on how Castlevania could out-do GOWIII.

Someone didn't play GOW3:

I've finished the game playing it on Titan mode the first time. I'd bet anything you played normal to begin with.

BTW, I never said GOWIII was NOT amazing, far from it. It had MOST INTENSE boss fights but I believe that they can potentially be further improved had they dedictated more resources to it.

-End statement

smashman983194d ago

seeing as ur a guy who clearly appreciates others opinions, /sarcasm
id like to bring in my own opinion on ur opinion of anothers, yea u guessed it, opinion.

ur argument doesnt hold up well at all u cant counter what the guy said by jus saying "the boss fights are matched by none" that jus makes u look... ignorant. Clearly youve never played Shadow of the colossus, any of the Metal Gear Solid series, or even the previous god of wars. And those arent the only games with better boss fights In my own opinion of course.
Now the other glaring hole in your argument is Uncharted 2 and Gow 3 being on the same level are u still talking about about boss fights. Because Uncharted had a tiny amount of those, they are 2 totally different games if ur gonna bring up a game atleast do it with one in the same genre. Any way the guy only recommended how symphony of the night could win and i agree 100% and u agreed with the only thing he argued about against god of war 3 (u know jaffe) any way i totally despise jaffe he's such a douche lmao and anyone who disagrees with me obviously doesnt follow his blog although i despise jaffe i do love me some twisted metal

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marinelife93195d ago

They can't even match the first level of God of War.

ShadowCK3195d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Have you played Lords of the Shadows? No.

Telling me that a game is better than a game which isn't even out yet is moronic. It just proves how stupid and insecure you PS3 Fanboys are. The world does not revolve around you, just because you don't happen to like the game due to it not being exclusive to your ridiculous system doesn't mean it's not going to be good.

x5exotic3194d ago

have i played dante's inferno? no
i told people that this game which wasnt even out yet was full of crap
and i was right cuz i know the difference between Epic and Sh*t
i'd actually be happy if a game comes out that is better than gow...but sadly LOS wont be :S

Dee_913194d ago

im sure this about graphics just sound kinda mad there

Pistolero3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

every sensible gamer should be mad at the utter stupidity on display here by ps3 fanboys.....CVG have actually played castlevania lord of shadows and this is their opinion...the ps3 fanboys haven't even played it, yet they all arrogantly proclaim, as if it were a fact, that lord of shadows will be sh!t next to god of war 3....this is why i despise ps3 fanboys....they are so arrogant, hateful, illogical, unfair and dishonest.

WLPowell3188d ago

You hate PS3 fanboys because you're a 360 fanboy it's that simple. We were right that bayonetta was nothing special, yet it was the media darling up until GOW3 dropped (where's the "Is this a Bayonetta killer" articles? Thought so.) Same thing when Prototype and Infamous, we LOOKED at the media presented and it was enough to know Infamous was the better game and Prototype was forgettable. Just like we LOOKED at the media between Forza 3 and GT 5 and could tell GT5 was leagues ahead. Just like how we can look at Alan Wake and Heavy Rain and see Heavy Rain had more going for it. Just like everytime a new console shooter comes out it's set to totally topple Killzone 2, yet Killzone 2 still looks better than each game that seems to be developed after it. Lords of shadow looks to be a fun little time, but it won't be better than God of War by trying to be "God of War with a Castlevania skin".

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GodHandDee3194d ago

Without a doubt I will buy this game cuz it looks like a fun game


GOW contender? It's not out yet so it's too early to say but from what I have seen

SCALE, Fighting mechanics, Graphics, Flow etc. Are all lacking in compared to GOW3...However it will be better than that craptastic Dante's Inferno

Persistantthug3194d ago

Because when I saw the title,
I was thinking it was HIPHOPGAMER too.

But I'm a little different from some because I actually like "flamebait" titles....

They're entertaining.

DatNJDom813194d ago is really trying to downplay PS3. Oh wait it always has along with the the rest of the media.

Pistolero3194d ago

saying this game looks like it could be a contender and possibly surpass god of war 3 is now considered ps3 bashing?.....unbelievable....y ou guys are truly insane.

jeseth3194d ago

Can't come close in story, smooth - slick battle system, bosses, main character, and experience.

Many can try, but I doubt God of War 3 will be topped in the hack n slash department this gen.

FACTUAL evidence3194d ago

GOW3 graphics? Not quite so.

TheGamer3194d ago

is all I have to say. I mean to beat GOW you need

- One of the greatest stories of all time
- One of the greatest action game of all time
- One of the best characters ever seen in a video game
- One of the best graphics ever seen in a video game
- And one of the only titles that keeps getting better & better with each installment GOW1 > GOW2 > GOW3

So yes keep dreaming. Kratos can never be dethroned!!!! Maybe a new GOW game might but I don't see any other game in the same genre doing it for a long long time.

x5exotic3194d ago

to be honest all gow games are as good as each other,just a little differnt feeling

Greywulf3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

99% of their stories are nonsense, taking shots at the PS3, or its titles.

and as always. The media bashes PS3 exclusives and claims the multiplatform knock off is better. Remember, Wasn't Bayonetta supposed to be > GOW3..

yet as always..

Its never compared when it comes to someone is trying to make definitive claims about a title.

This happens almost every fuxking multiplatform. Jesus christ 360 owners, if you want every single PS3 game, buy a ps3?

baodeus3194d ago

don't even compare fighting mechanic of gow3 to bayonetta. Gow3 maybe well rounded overall, but the fighting is clunky as hell and no where near as the level of bayonetta, DMC or Ninja Gaiden (since you seem to just praising GoW3 fighting mechanic). I play both and i much prefer Bayonetta cause that game has so much variety and it is entertaining through and through (one of the most craziest action fighting game out there). The game just got crazier as you advance forward while GoW3 start out great and kinda crap out later on. But hey that is just my opinion, i don't pass it around like it is the truth like many of you Fanboy on this site.

Armyntt3194d ago

Is it out yet? Nope! So the article is bunk. So those arguing one way or another are wrong too.

TROLL EATER3194d ago

castlevania synthony of the night was a great game

NYPunkster3194d ago

Is Kratos in this game? Then no.

XactGamer3194d ago

Castlevania is an old franchise with a huge install base, it should do just fine.

Sarcasm3194d ago

LOL how many times have we've heard this?

solidt123194d ago

God of War 3 FTW but this game does look very impressive. I'll check it out when it comes out.

DevastationEve3194d ago

BIG time. Its graphics weren't all that PS3 fanboys have made them out to be, and the guy is seriously the most one dimensional character I've ever played.

Castlevania really doesn't have much to beat if the game I played is the game PS3 fanboys are squealing about.

NYPunkster3194d ago Show
Pistolero3194d ago

some people are so ridiculous....look at all the people acting like god of war 3 is the second coming and could never be equaled or surpassed...what a load of was a great game, but the graphics aren't as amazing as some people are making it out to be and overall it got like a 92 on metacritc....that's a good score, but it doesn't reflect the godhood that these morons allude to.....there have been games that surpassed it and there undoubtedly will be more games in the future that surpass it.

hatchimatchi3194d ago

yes, let's judge a game that doesn't even have a release date yet.

Let's be honest here, god of war 3 is a good game but it's just more of the same. Also, the story isn't all that great in the gow series and kratos as a character is awful. There's nothing to like about him, all he does is scream and kill everyone is sight. He's the equivalent of vin diesel for videogames.

Also, as far as hack and slash games go, gow doesn't even compete with the first devil may cry. GOW is simply button mashing. The games are easy and don't require much skill.

But whatever, watch the disagrees because heaven forbid anyone talk bad about the sony fanboys precious kratos.

this is coming from a person who spends the majority of their time playing on ps3. If a game is overrated, it's overrated. Simple as that, and gow3 my overrated.

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Jerk1203195d ago ShowReplies(2)
RememberThe3573195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

That would make it one mind blowing kick ass game.

But sadly I don't think it will be quite on that level. It looks great so far though, and with Kojima meddling in it the game is bound to be great.

lol @ the hardcore troller. This guy is killing me. Reminds me of Breakfast, so obvious that it's funny.

Faztkiller3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

If it is then Lord of Shadow is going to be one BadA$$ game but for some reason I don't think it's going to come close to GOW3