"Production is in full swing" - Phil Harrison on PS3

The statement comes as Harrison was interviewed by British newspaper, The Guardian. He goes on to say that 10,000 developer kits have been shopped to developers; and that is final PS3 hardware.

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DC RID3R5400d ago

if they were planning on releasing the thing this year no!?!?!?!?

specialguest5400d ago (Edited 5400d ago )

the only delay was for Japanese consumers. everyone else were scheduled to get it Nov. anyway. So i don't know what all of this big delay talk is about.

MS should have delayed their console for a few months in order to fix those first wave of 360 with overheating issues.

i rather wait several months vs. get a rushed one and deal with inevitable issues.

andy capps5400d ago

I guess they were just trying to find out if those rumors regarding Asustek mass producing consoles in end of June/July was true or not. Not surprising either way. Good to know though that the 10,000 dev kits spoken of are final kits with final controllers and all.

Marriot VP5400d ago

special, the 360 overheating problems were unseen because it was a factory error of leaving on a thin aluminum foil strip on the processor. MS made the right move shipping in November. An extra month wouldn't have made them change hardware plans just let them stockpile more 360s.

General5400d ago

Sounding good, Cant wait till launch day.

NitrogenB5400d ago

good to hear, good to hear.....

richie007bond5400d ago

So weres the final specs then,i want to know whats the rsx specs, the final speed of the cell,the final specs of the beta ray,come on sony tell us.This tell us nothing.....

andy capps5400d ago

PSZero and Beta Ray.... we have a mini-TheMART in training here. :)

If you don't like the news, then don't comment. Don't flame because you think that final specs should have been released. Plus, you know you'll be complaining when final specs are released anyway, so it wouldn't be any different for you.

TheMART5400d ago

So DG then tell what the RSX specs are

So it is still the Nvidia 7900?

Ah that's why they keep it quiet! They know on paper it can't make up to the 360 GPU. That's why they hold it back

Silent5400d ago

Ok Sony, can I be the first to get the first console out of the manufacture???

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The story is too old to be commented.