Trophies ruin video games

Play-mag says:"Trophies aren't as great for gaming as some people think. In fact, I'd go so far as to say they ruin it for some people - myself included."

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WildArmed3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I find it pretty stupid that the reason why 'trophies ruin video games' are due to the fact that they aren't handed out for just playing the game.
I'm sorry, but that would defeat the purpose of it.
It's not for your e-penis to show to your friends.. it's to add re-playability in games..

Instead of whining about not being able to get all the trophies, either try and get them (good replay value!) or just move on.
I've done both.. with games like Resistance 2, I moved on as I did not see 10k kills within my gaming capacity.

While games like God Of War 3, I wanted to get the platinum as I LOVED the game and giving me a reason to play it again was just great!

(oh and this goes absolutely the same for achievements.. they don't ruin anything, they are there for some people to enjoy.. now if it threatens your self-esteem, you have issues my friend)


well said it all comes down to each indivdual gamer, i have just done a challange mode playthrough on tools of destruction as was bored and thought might aswell to get the plat i probably wouldnt bother otherwise then on the other hand just completed bioshock two and there is no way im going to even attempt to plat that as dont find the online enjoyable. throphys dont ruin games unless bad games ruin games.

zeeshan3036d ago

@skv007: If anyone disagrees with you then he is a d-bag! I couldn't have said it better myself! Well said :) Here, this bubble is on me :)

Perjoss3036d ago

Trophies and Achievements can greatly extend the life of a game, encouraging 2nd play throughs when normally you might not. They are also sometimes like little challenges laid down by the devs, like them saying to the gamer "think you're pretty good at our game? ok, i bet you cant do this!"

Chris3993036d ago

Personally, my thing with trophies is that I mostly play JRPGS/ RPGs, which are exhaustively long in most cases. That being said, I don't have any platinums to speak of simply because I can't warrant playing a 90+ hour game twice. I simply don't have the time. I'm about to get my first platinum though, for FFXIII, as you don't have to do multiple play-throughs to get all the trophies for that game.

kneon3036d ago

I don't understand why anyone would whine about trophies or achievements as they can be completely ignored if you wish.

Anyone that needs trophies or achievements to feel a sense of accomplishment probably has some psychological issues that need to be dealt with.

Perjoss3036d ago

Interesting that you say that, but from what I've seen both trophies and achievements appear on screen when unlocked, and I can see this really getting annoying for someone who just does not care for them. Does either console even have an option for turning off trophy messages on screen?

kneon3036d ago

As far as I know the PS3 doesn't allow you to block such messages, I don't know about the XBox. But it's not like you're getting a trophy or achievement every 5 minutes. Plus many games pop up similar messages whenever you unlock something or pick up some collectible and that is usually more frequent than trophy messages.

But it should be possible, heavy rain doesn't show you any trophy messages until after you've finished the chapter so as not to interfere with the game.

DigitalAnalog3036d ago

Finally, somebody gets it right.

-End statement

phantomexe3036d ago

lol couldn't of said it better

Chubear3036d ago

how those that say they don't like trophies seem to talk about them even more than those that do and totally spas out when they see others like trophies and achievements and they don't.

I just think they feel defeated cause they can't get a lot of the challenges to get certain trophies so they say it sucks lol

How anyone can be so obsessed w/ hating trophies that are optional and can be disabled if you choose to is beyond me. They won't be happy 'till those that enjoy trophies and achievements stop enjoying them like them... which ain't going to happen so, cry some moar.

Darkstorn3036d ago

Achievements and trophies CHANGED gaming, but not necessarily for the worse. I enjoy getting trophies, it's as simple as that.

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CaptainMarvelQ83036d ago

they don't ruin the game unless you get addicted to them

NJShadow3036d ago

I agree with this article. Trophies and achievements, while creating a more competitive atmosphere, take away all that was great about games in the past and that was the sense of personal achievement. I put TONS of time into games like Sonic The Hedgehog and Ecco The Dolphin on the Sega Genesis, but no way no how am I going to let some "number" or icon dictate weather or not I'm a good player or how much of a game I've completed when I've already beaten it to its fullest.

Alos883036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

They remove nothing, they simply show the world what you have achieved. Take off your rose tinted glasses and you would see that, at the very least, trophies and achievements are not ruining gaming.

NJShadow3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Actually, they remove the ability to use any sort of cheat code at all OR the ability to transfer data in some instances.

ER-AM3036d ago

How does not getting all the trophies/achievements in a game take away from the sense of personal achievement gained by finishing a game? That's like saying you no longer enjoy your orgasm because the person you're fucking didn't get off. Now you might be disappointed that you didn't do it for them, but that doesn't take away from the fact that you still felt good when you got off.

And in an era of trophies/achievements, if you don't have them all, then you obviously haven't beaten the game to it's fullest. And if you still feel you have, then why bitch about the bullshit meta game that is trophies/achievements?

Alos883036d ago

For me, all that matters is if I'm having fun, and I have lots of fun getting trophies and achievements. If you don't like to then that's fine, just don't get on a soapbox and proclaim to the world that trophies are ruining gaming, because it's just not true.

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