Hands-on Impressions: FIFA 11 on Gamertag Radio

Gamertag Radio writes: "With FIFA 11 being right around the corner, I was able to get myself some playtime on a build that was 75% complete. If you played FIFA 10, you know it has solid gameplay but just lacks a certain soul to it. With the rise in popularity of the sport as of late, thank you World Cup, the personalities and nuances of the players and teams are starting to be noticed. This brings me to the first point that EA Sports is trying to make in this years FIFA."

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fredfenster3007d ago

This will own. Don't think PES will be able to match this game.

Hanif-8763007d ago

I hope PES 11 puts up a fight against Fifa 11 this year, because i'm thinking about owning both of them. This year if PES 11 isn't as robotic as last year and is finally considered to be a next generation football simulation like Fifa 10/Fifa 10 World Cup is then i'll have the best of both worlds :-)