Gigantic Video Game Sale Hits Toys R Us Next Week

Are you one of those thrifty gamers out there who may be holding back on game purchases because there just haven’t been many big sales? Well, wait no more. Next week Toys R Us is having another one of their big game sales and it doesn’t just cover select titles… it covers EVERYTHING.

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zeeshan3013d ago

The deal is good but like the author said in the article, not as good as Bet 2 Get 1 Free!

Fred-G-Sanford3013d ago

They should do another $89 Kinect deal.

That was pretty crazy.

wiggles3013d ago

That buy 2 Get 1 Free deal is long gone correct?

raWfodog3013d ago

will probably return for the holidays. It was pretty successful for them (and Best Buy) last year.

orange-skittle3013d ago

GameStop is also having a killer sale going on.

Buy Split/Second get Pure for FREE

Battlefield Bad Company 2, new Final Fantasy, Skate 3, FIFA World Cup, and Fall 3 GOTY Edition for $39.99

50% OFF Older Titles

Darksiders and Assassins Creed 2 $19.99

3013d ago
T3mpr1x3013d ago

Decent sale, $90 beats $120 for two new games any day.

gamerzBEreal173013d ago

lol what? dude u can get dead space $20 and get red dead redemtion for $30
$50 2 great games u don thave to get full retail brand new titles lol

NJShadow3013d ago

LOL, at least it's not like GameStop's shoddy buy 1 get 1 50% off USED games. ^_^