PlayDevil: Updated Alpha Protocol PS3 Review

PlayDevil has posted an updated review of Obsidians' espionage RPG, "Alpha Protocol".

While it has been delayed numerous times, is it still worth buying?

Here's more:

In regards to narrative, Alpha Protocol has all the excitement and intrigue that any good spy story legally should and the game itself does a good job of making you feel as if you’re a secret agent: there are dossiers you can read, allowing you to read up on the characters and the organisations you meet.

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dizzleK3009d ago

i haven't played it yet but i'm sure its a solid game. it looks like something i'd enjoy.

fredfenster3009d ago

It sucked, sold it after playing half an hour. I'll pick it up one day though, but this is bargain bin material.

thisguywithhair3009d ago

You sold it after an hour? An hour is barely past the training missions. How can you judge the game when you haven't even gotten to the first real level? Do you throw out sandwhiches before the first bite simply because they don't feel like the best sandwhich ever?

Play the game, one hour with anything is never enough time to truly judge anything. please don't ever give an opinion on anything ever again unless you actrually have one.

thisguywithhair3009d ago

Try it, pkay it at least as far as the end of Desert Spear. You will either need to know by then or you will hate the game. I personally loved the game and actually played through three times (unheard of for me). In those three playthroughs I got as many five different endings (from replaying the last mission in different ways). It is that deep.

fredfenster3009d ago

I had that first bite and it just didn't taste like 50 bucks. But I agree, a bit early saying it sucked after just playing for an hour or so.

GamerKnights3009d ago

The graphics could be a lot better, it's just that you're playing a PS2 title but the engaging story makes the game a bit better. And when playing it more and more, you'll appreciate the effort Obsidian went through of bringing an espionage rpg.