Amazon discounts Red Dead Redemption (PS3 only) to under $43

Infatuated Gamer: As part of their “Deal of the Day” promotion, Amazon has discounted the Playstation 3 version of Red Dead Redemption by 28%.

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Playerz83105d ago

Still don't think this should be approved.

Poseidon3105d ago

too many games coming out and that are out already, 43 bucks dosent sound too bad but just not enough time!

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NecrumSlavery3105d ago

if you haven't picked this up yet, this is a good deal.

question though: did anyone actually get the red dead gamestop deal? i heard the servers crashed instantly.

-MD-3105d ago

I honestly don't see why this game scored 10's and 9.5's

It's GTA with horses. Rockstar is lacking this generation.

GoodSpeed3105d ago

While everyone has an opinion, this game TO ME is much more than GTA. The story and presentation is straight out of a Sergio Leone film. The way they portrayed the Wild West and the emergence of industry, out with the old and in with the new, was fantastic. Plus the cowboy John Marston trying to find his place in a world that was passing him by. It was just really a lot of fun and to me that's what games are about.

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The story is too old to be commented.