.GG Domain for Clans and Groups

Create .gg for gaming groups. Only gaming groups or gaming affiliates would be allowed to have this domain. And to make it even more unique yet more specific, they could create for gaming groups in the US, for gaming groups in Europe, etc. But overall, .gg would be the ending. The extra country code would be optional.

So why make this happen?

Reserve your group name for all games guaranteed.

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Jerk1203011d ago

Some people would actually pay for an official clan domain? Wow, guys, kids in Africa.

Pandamobile3011d ago

A domain costs like $10, it's not a big deal.

Jerk1203011d ago

Dude, a clan domain? What the hell is the point in that? Get a freewebs or something.

Rot_in_Fail3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I think getting .gg domain is cool. Nothing wrong with that but i dont like "gg" itseft. In my country its the name of the most popular and crappiest IM ever. lulz.

Jordanemery3010d ago

Depending on services you get, prices can be very cheap to really expensive. Yes, take care of the kids in Africa, but you have to take care of yourself too.

Jordanemery3011d ago

Keep the ideas coming. They are good to hear. Don't think this once going to pass though...

Americanbang3010d ago

I'll pass on a .gg domain. I only use .Com or .Net domains.

Jordanemery3010d ago

Yes, small chance this would ever happen, but if it did I could guarantee thousands would use it. The idea is much more in depth than described in this article. Features it would provide across all platforms would create a new social network for gamers beyond anything available today.