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"Following the climatic conclusion of Alan Wake, a new downloadable content is now upon us taking players into another nightmare that they must survive. The Signal DLC is the first of the few downloadable content that Remedy Alerts have planned to release on Alan Wake before the sequel comes out in a couple of years. Offered as free download for anyone who purchased the Limited Edition of Alan Wake, we now delve into the Signal DLC and experience an unforgettable nightmare." - JPS

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ShadyDevil3013d ago

Been meaning to pick up this game. Might have to.

coolbeans3013d ago

You have to get a thrill in trolling AW threads. That seems to be all that you do :P

N4PS3G3013d ago

Good, i will download since it's free if you have the game

Unicron3013d ago

This is how DLC should be done!

MightyMark4273013d ago

The story of this DLC is pretty interesting. Cant wait to see what happens next to Alan...

Natsu X FairyTail3013d ago

I'Ve read 3 reviews so far and all have been saying good stuff about it. I wish I could play them but I dont want to buy alan wake right now because it's still at a High Price. 69.99$. I could trade in some games but I dunno I'd rather wait for the price to lower.

MightyMark4273013d ago

The game should drop the price pretty soon. It's worth every penny

SaberEdge3013d ago

It's absolutely worth every penny if you are the kind of gamer that can appreciate an excellent single player game without multiplayer. I loved it. It is honestly one of my favorite games this generation.

DelbertGrady3013d ago

Alan Wake - £24.95 (with free shipping if you live in the UK).

I've ordered from there before and they usually have great deals.

smithdown3013d ago

Zavvi have it even cheaper in their Mega Mondays - I picked it up for £17.95, about $27.50. Personally, I thought the game was ok and enjoyable enough, but it was pretty formulaic. You could tell it had been in production along time, it just felt quite 2004 to me. And it was waaaay too easy with barely any bosses. However the storyline was decent.

Stuart57563013d ago has it for £20 they can't shift em! Most supermarkets are £20 too. Shame really, brilliant game. The signal for free too is a great bonus. Can't wait.

muDD3013d ago

ima downlosd this asap!

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The story is too old to be commented.