Crave Online: Alan Wake: The Signal Review's review of The Signal DLC for Alan Wake.

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thereapersson3011d ago

However, this line bugs me:

"But, hell, it's DLC... isn't it supposed to be short?"

Just because it's DLC doesn't mean it has to be lacking in content. I just don't like free-pass statements like this that reviewers give to games these days.

jetlian3011d ago

said to be 2 hours long!!! same as the chapters in the game

dragonelite3011d ago

Jep people complaining about 2 our free dlc i think i have seen it all. Unless its boring as hell.

jetlian3011d ago

say its good and scarier than the actual game. can't wait

joeyda3011d ago

Hey man, thanks for the compliment.

I guess I more meant that this was *free* DLC in context with the rest of the paragraph. Reading it now, though, I see what you're saying. I suppose the best way to shape the sentence would be to say "But, hell, it's free DLC..."

logikil3011d ago

I don't think that there was necessarily anything wrong with your initial comment. Value is a completely subjective thing. If you feel that those two hours you spent playing through the DLC were worth the 10 dollars, then there you go. Also, I don't think its really possible to paint a generic brush over how long DLC should or shouldn't be. For a multi-player game DLC could add hours of play because of added game types and maps. For a single player game, DLC will almost never be able to match that. The mission DLC in games like Mass Effect usually don't last very long, but the addition to the story, new characters, and items adds greater context to the game world. The same would be true of something like Alan Wake. The DLC may only last a couple hours, but if you are invested in the story, those two hours may be just what a player wants if it serves to flesh out the story more.

joeyda3011d ago

But I think one has to place value in cost vs return... this is 800 Points to folks that didn't buy it new, and if it were not free then I think the value for the price wouldn't necessarily sync up.

jetlian3011d ago

if it is about 2 hours long at 10 bucks thats no differance than seeing a movie

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ednorris3011d ago

I really hope these DLC episodes take off so we can secure more AND a full-fledged sequel. I need for zaniness!

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