PS3Vault: inFAMOUS 2 Changing Again?

According to IGN, our beloved protagonist Cole McGrath will be under-going another character transformation. At the moment details are sparse, however two new character models look to be the front-runners. Right now, we are unable to get our hands on this art, but I assure you someone will leak them onto the internet in the coming hours. It’s just the way things work.

Despite Cole having more cosmetic changes than Pamela Anderson, inFAMOUS 2 remains one of our most highly anticipated titles of 2011. Another change like this unfortunately raises more questions than answers, and I’m sure in the coming months Sucker Punch will answer them. Maybe that Cole was your evil and some-what twin brother, or maybe a slight anomaly in the fabric of time. Who knows? To be honest this all seems rather ridiculous, and a decision like this should have been made in pre-production. We also have some additional details and a new trailer after the break.

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Jerk1203036d ago ShowReplies(4)
xyxzor3036d ago

Could we stay on topic please?

LordMarius3036d ago

have you forgotten where you are

Gamerbee3036d ago

Old cole FTW. Best news all week.

RememberThe3573036d ago

On topic :) I'd like to see a redesign. The current model look generic, like an everyman, IMO. I'd like to see a little more character in his character design so when you see him he doesn't need lightning to distinguish him.

zeeshan3036d ago

I agree. He lacks a certain character. Cole from inFamous 1 had a character. He could be a bad ass villain or a hero!

Davoh3035d ago

I agreed I don't mind if they change the old Cole adding new hair and/or clothes but Sucker Punch has to at least keep the basis look and sound of the character.

WildArmed3036d ago

well considering the story is a duplicate to the many 'New cole stories' we got when they announced the new look.. the story isn't much here.
IGN already reported it (which is on N4G)..

pwnzter3036d ago

I don't know why people complained about how the first cole looked, I know I didn't/havent. Thing is, the cole that sp has showed us, I don't like for one reason only, because he looks more like nathan from uncharted.

Crazyglues3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I didn't like that Cole they made at all... for one he doesn't look like a younger Cole at all to me... he looked like a totally different person.

And Clearly the story was trying to show Cole & Zeke in their younger version right when Cole first get's his powers.. So it seem IMO.. that they did a pretty bad job of making a young Cole.

Because he didn't' look nothing like the character you played before in the first game. So it's great that they are going back to the drawing board.... (fix it)

This is a really big game and its important to get it right if you want to have huge sales for a part 2.

I think they will put a good story behind it and gameplay will be amazing so I'm expecting big things from this game, we shall see what we end up with..

(I don't know if I'm buying it yet, I need to see more, the new Cole really turned me off to the whole game, I just couldn't get into it, so I'll see what they do with the new look and then maybe i'll be back on-board)


Playerz83036d ago

How about I say "InFamous 2 looks BADASS!!!". You think that's on topic?

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Neo Nugget3036d ago

I saw Cole had his old hairstyle in a few pics recently. Is this part of the karma shift system?

MajestieBeast3036d ago

I think the 27 pages on the suckerpunch forums said enough not to mention a shit load of people on gaming forums. I think its great they listend unlike Blizzard with the art direction of Diablo 3. Anyone else notice how at the end of the comic clip you see it only does multiplayer maybe a hint for a coop mode or competitive perhaps.

RememberThe3573036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

That would be freakin sweet!

Damn it, now my hopes are up... I fear Killzone co-op all over again.

Edit: Just saw it! f'in sick!

TheAwesomessMan3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I try to hide the fact that I did like the new Cole but I couldn't. The new Cole just wasn't working for me. The old Cole was more my favorite and that new voice... No! Just simply put give me the old Cole with the same voice and i'll be a happy gamer but if they went with something that is completely the opposite of the old Cole I'll still get the game but it'll be very hard for me to get used to the new Cole.

What does this Cole make you think of:

Neo Nugget3036d ago

Well, he's got his old hair back. least I think he does.

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