Be a Body Guard in PSP's Yakuza

Andriasang: It was announced a while back that Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter main character Ukyou Tatsuya will have to take up part time jobs in order to earn money. Previously, we learned about one such job: flipping burgers at Smile Burger.

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Jerk1203036d ago

Yakuza for the PSP? Hope it's better than that boring stale PS3 Yakuza.

lh_swe3036d ago

If you knew how absolutely f***ing dumb that statement were.

On an even more related note HOW WOULD YOU KNOW!? Since you haven't played the games, you have no interest in playing the games, all because you have no PS3...which is because you are a fanboy.

The Yakuza games have really started to hit their stide on the PS3, I think the newer Yakuza games are better than the PS2 one's but that is because I have actually played them unlike you.

Jerk1203036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

If I knew how absolutely fucking dumb that statement WAS? You can follow me around and cuss all day or you can provide decent and intelligible points as to why I'm wrong.

Right, me being a fanboy is nothing more than a shallow assumption created by you because you don't like the fact that I PREFER my 360. I have an interest in playing games, I am after all, a gamer. But being a gamer does not exclude me from having a PREFERENCE.

Again, an assumption, you cannot prove that I have not played them. You're laying nothing on me. I can also easily say that you've never played the Ps2 Yakuza's but prefer the Ps3 Yakuza's out of bias due to the fact that you simply adore your Ps3. Would that make me correct? No, because I cannot prove this. Thus, it is most likely incorrect until I can/if I can prove otherwise.

Try a little harder, pal. And make sure that the next time that you do you're capable of backing up your statements.

lh_swe3036d ago

1. I wouldn't care if you simply said you prefer the 360, but the fact that you are in fact trolling! makes it a whole other thing.

2. I saw your return I thought I'd once again point out the thing you already know, namely that you are speaking from a biased point of view (i.e. you are a f***ing fanboy for petes sake).

3. If you assume I have not played them you'd be wrong but from what i can assert based of your incredibly uniformed opinion is that you don't own a PS3, thus the limited exposure you get the the PS3 library is what is making you so biased.

4. I adore all 3 consoles but for DIFFERENT reasons, I happen to be th guy defending Forza 3, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Reach etc...But again that is not the matter here I am simply pointing out to the masses what an incredibly loud-mouthed fanboy you actually happen to be.