Screenshots for Halo: Reach's Forge World

Batch of screenshots for Halo: Reach's Forge World as part of the Comic-Con announcement tonight.

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MxShade3011d ago

Pretty gorgeous looking, imo

Queasy3011d ago

Yeah, I can imagine some people going nuts with this.

Spenok3010d ago

People will go crazy with this. To bad its no LBP2.

SaberEdge3011d ago

I am so excited by what they are doing with Forge World. It looks awesome.

RockmanII73011d ago

I hope there are teleporters scattered around to make travel times shorter (Like the one on Sandbox)

Socrates3011d ago

Halo Reach doesn't get the credit it deserves when it comes to its graphics. It looks way better than some people give it credit for.

joypads3011d ago

gorgeous & halo dont go together,you must be really desperate to hear about a new game for your box at last & got far too excited for this crap. lol

R0me3011d ago

Agreed, I always thought Xbox fans were so happy with Halo because of the gamplay, fun, etc. but come on, graphics? You just cant be serious.

Perjoss3011d ago

technically Halo has never really been over impressive, but artistically it looks great, it has it own art style, bit too colorful for some people, its almost like the antiGears (gears 1 was pretty grey).

lastdual3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

For a game that's pushing 30+ AIs and vehicles on screen at once, wide open environments with long draw distances, and doing this all while supporting split-screen throughout, Reach's graphics are actually a pretty impressive feat.

Noble Spartan3011d ago

While this supreb level editor is just a part of Halo Reach overwhelming amount of content. LPB is its own full game.

Just wow Halo got LPB in 3D in part of its game. LOL

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muDD3011d ago

I'm glad the environments are playing a more important part in this game.

From what I've seen, it kinda feels like Halo 1... which is a very good thing.

Queasy3011d ago

I'm really psyched about the tool improvements. Forge was nice but clunky. Forge World looks like a huge upgrade with placing objects.

Forge World itself is looking very nicely detailed too.

nsnsmj3011d ago

Forge World...this feature alone would get me to buy an xbox 360 because i love creation. its why liitlebigplanet is one of my favorite games on ps3. also, who wouldnt just like to run, fly, or drive around big open spaces like that with other people online. thats why i love gta4's free mode so much. as soon as i get the money for 360, halo reach will be my first game.

nsnsmj3011d ago

i forgot about that. i only played halo 3 on my friends' 360s and that was just coop and multiplayer. plus the environment for forge world in reach looks way larger than the one in halo 3. i could be wrong though since i've never tried forge mode in 3.

RockmanII73011d ago

Funny, were like opposites. Your buying a 360 for Reach's customization and I'm buying a PS3 for LBP2's customization.

nsnsmj3011d ago

well, good sir. if i didnt have a ps3 already, i'd probably buy one for LBP2 as well seeing as how you can make different genres of games this time around and make movies or whatever. well, LBP2 and some other exclusives that is.

Forbidden_Darkness3011d ago

You'll be amazed by some of the levels LBP1 has, LBP2 is going to be insane!

Eric Barrier3011d ago

Wow, can't wait for this game. This looks spectacular.

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